A dreamed biography

Chapter 1

I've been trying to get fat for years. I've tried everything aside of the dangerous stuff, I tried to bloat myself with water or different liquids to distend my stomach, I can take more than a gallon (4 liters)

in minutes. I tried with air until my belly looked like a little beach ball, but still no result. I knew from friends that weed would open your appetite, so I tried it. I did hog up a lot, but with my fast metabolism it was starting to get quite expensive and being high all the time is a very boring state... Not to forget the ridiculous amounts of food I had to eat only to take two pounds (a kilo) and lose them anyway once I stopped my “treatment”. I love beer and drink pretty much of it, I was expecting at least a small beergut, but nothing showed up or very little and since I want to function in society, being an alcoholic doesn't give you much opportunities and non-alcoholic beer tastes like piss or at least the idea I make myself of it.

Starting to get tired of trying with no results aside or recurring stomach aches, I was about to give up and keep my skinny body, after all, lots of people would kill to have my constitution. It was all before I met her...

It was a freezy autumn afternoon, I was in a bar with some friends having a drink (no beer this time) when she entered the room. She was gorgeous, slightly chubby but mainly distributed to her hips, tights and breasts, brown haired and blue eyed. She was wearing the tightest pants the law would allow her to wear and a small jacket. She sat on a table not far from us and my eyes were riveted to her for the most of an hour. Forcing my luck, I took all of my courage while she was fetching another soda at the bar and engaged in small talk with her. Having to go back to my table since my friends were starting to yell my name, I invited her to join us.

Once my friends left around 18h, we continued to talk, until, growing bolder and bolder, I invited her to share a meal with me and we went to a nice little place she knew close to the bar. It was an all you can eat Chinese buffet. We ordered wine to spice up the meal and spent two to three hours eating non-stop while talking. Close to the end, she noticed me unbuttoning my pants getting tight from all the food and then she revealed me that she enjoyed to see a guy eat so much. From that point and with the disinhibiting power of the wine, we started to talk a lot about food and getting fat. She told me that she wasn't planing to gain, but that she did anyway since she loved so much the food, I said I tried to grow a bit (I couldn't tell her more at that time, I was somehow ashamed of myself) but that my body wasn't agreeing with the idea.

And after I paid, we left the restaurant. I offered her to walk her home since she wasn't living very far and she invited me for a last drink. That night we did drink a bit, kiss a bit, but mostly she talked about how the world was regarding overweight people and hating the ones that were enjoying it. Finally and with the help of some beer, I admitted to her my fetish. That I enjoyed looking at fat women and that I spent most of my time fantasizing about them, how fat they should get with my help or not. But, finally, I also admitted that I wanted to become as fat as possible. The discussion stopped, and she was fixing me. Preparing myself to be kicked out her place with screams of disgust, I was looking for anger in her eyes. But instead of kicking me out, she started smiling, no, in fact, she was devilishly grinning as she was looking at me from head to toes and back again with a spark in her eyes.

I asked her if I said something wrong to break the silence and instead of answering she jumped off the couch we were sitting on and rushed in one of her rooms. I was puzzled, she didn't seem angry at all, but her weird looks started to frighten me a bit.
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Helveticus 13 years
I must admit that it was, but if I didn't rush it a bit, I'll still be writing it right now. I'm always too generous on the details if I let myself go...
Growrnshowr 13 years
I really enjoyed it although part 3 was a little rushed.