A magical evening

Chapter 1

You checked your watch. It was 8:30. You got up and checked out the window. Not seeing any headlights you went and sat back down on the sofa. It was our anniversary and we had planned on a late dinner and a stroll. I had to work late and had called you twenty minutes before and told you I was on my way home. You closed your eyes, deciding on a quick rest before I came home.

The door opened and closed, waking you from your cat nap. You squinch and look at me as I walk into the kitchen and turn on the light. You rub your eyes. You look at the clock and see that it is 9PM. "Hey hon, where have you been?"

" I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things."

"Couldn't you have done that tomorrow?"

I peeked around the corner at you. "Well...no. I bought some stuff for you. We are not going out tonight."

You came to the kitchen. "What did you buy for me?"

I smiled at you. "Some stuff I want you to try."

You shook your head. "Cyn, you know that the gaining thing is just a fantasy for me. I don't really want to gain weight."

I sighed. "Humor me. Go get comfortable and get into bed."

You smiled. "I am not eating that much."

I laughed. "Well, we will see about that, won't we?"

You walked into the bedroom and took off your shirt and sat on the bed.

I prepared everything and brought it in on a big tray each dish covered up so you couldn't see it. I still had on my work clothes. I slipped out of my heels and got up on the bed beside you and kissed you, parting your lips with my tongue. Kissing you gently. You smiled. "Mmmmm, that was nice."

I reached over and caressed your face. "Happy anniversary."

You kissed me again. "Happy anniversary to you too."

I handed you a box. You looked at me, puzzled. "Time to exchange gifts?" You got ready to stand up. I pulled you back on the bed. "This is a special present. The others can wait."

You pulled at the ribbon letting it fall to the floor. You opened the small box slowly.

Your eyes met mine. "Cyn, what is this?" You held up a small bottle of liquid. "Is it cologne?"

I shook my head and took it from you. I opened it and held it to your lips. You sat back a little. "Tell me what it is first."

I shrugged. "Well, it is kinda like a potion. I picked it up at this little store downtown. Kinda like a fortune telling place."

A little smirk came over your face. "A potion? Something that will make me attack you...or maybe change into Mr. Hyde?"

"No. It is just my gift to you. Please drink it. I wanted to give you something special and I know this is what you want."

You just looked at me. I smiled. "Trust me, Bill."

I held it to your lips once again and you allowed me to let the potion flow between your lips. You swallowed it and pretended to squirm in pain. You laughed. "Okay, what is this potion supposed to do to me?"

I smiled. "You'll see."

You cleared your throat and just sat there. We both heard your stomach growl. I smiled. "Hungry?" I patted your stomach.

You nodded and squirmed a little feeling hunger come on strong.I pulled the napkin off the first dish. "Maybe this will help." I put the plate of cinnamon rolls in my lap. They were still warm, the icing melting slowly, running down each roll. I had made 8 of them. You licked your lips and reached for one. I pushed your hand away. I picked one up and held it to your lips. You ate it so fast trying to make the hunger go away. With your mouth still full you asked me for more. I grabbed another one, this one you ate quicker than the first. You didn't have to ask for the third. I held it to your lips. You ate all 8 with ease. You looked anxious. I looked at you. "What is it?"

"I am still hungry." You pulled at your pants. They had begun to squeeze you around your waist. Your tummy was bulging over slightly. Your sides getting little rolls. I could tell that your face had gotten rounder. Only I knew that with each dish you finished you gained 20 pounds. I pulled the napkin off the next dish and held up a cherry cheesecake. You wanted it so quickly, I had to feed you with two spoons. I took little breaks to lick the topping off your lip and to kiss you. I would whisper. "Look how fat you are getting." You didn't even seem to notice as you ran your finger around the bottom of the pie dish to get the last of the cheesecake. I felt myself becoming aroused and began to squirm a little. You were really enjoying yourself. You looked so happy. Your tummy rumbled again. You spoke one word. "More." By this time you had put on 40 pounds. Your stomach had begun to hang over your pants. And your thighs had grown so much the pants were skin tight. All of a sudden the button popped off the pants. I smiled. "Here hon, lets get these off of you." I stood and unzipped the pants watching as your belly protruded out. I kissed your stomach and pulled the pants off. At one point they ripped. You sat there in your underwear. I looked at your body and felt myself get warm. I reached out and caressed your stomach. Squeezing a roll on the side. Still you didn't seem to notice. You looked at me. "Please give me more."
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ReesesPBC8 14 years
Thanks for the positive feedback, I'll write more soon!
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Totally loving this story!!
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Wonderful story--well-written and a great idea.
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AMAZING! This is fantastic work smiley