Alexis thompson-malik is fat?

chapter 1

I see Alexis get bullied by 6 boyswho are fat because she is skinny. "Hey Alexis why not come over my house. I will stuff that small gut of yours." One of the boys said. I see two of the other boys grab her boobs. "OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME THE DUCK ALONE!" Alexis yelled. The same boys keep grabbing her boobs sexually. "HEY LISTEN TO THE GIRL OR GO TO HELL!" I yelled while holding on to Alexis. "Fine." The six boys said. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Uh-huh." Alexis said shyly. "Hi my name is Harry. What is your name?" I said and asked. "Hi Harry. I am Alexis." Alexis said. "You are so adorable. You will always be adorable even if you become immobile or fat or any other word to describe an overweight person." I said. Then I give Alexis a piece of paper with my phone number and address on it. The next day I hear someone knock on the door and I go down stairs and open the door but I don't see anyone. Then the 6 bullies who are fat stuffs me in a bag. "HELP!" I yelled. Alexis's p.o.v:Kevin, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Justin, and Harry come on the tv. Kevin laughs evilly "We kidnapped your little prince." Zayn said. Then the six of the boys move out of the way to show me Harry. "ALEXIS PLEASE HELP ME!" Harry yelled while crying. "DON'T HURT MY BABY!" I yelled. "If you want to see your prince again come to our lair." Liam said. I go to the lair and I see Harry's dead body. "We killed him before you got here." Louis said in a demonic way. "YOU DUCKING DEMONS! YOU KILLED HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. Then I start crying on his chest, then he comes back to life. "HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled at Harry while hugging and kissing him. "Please don't die on me anymore." I said. "Don't worry Alexis. I am not planning on getting killed/dying again Alexis." Harry said while kissing me on my lips. Then Harry bites my lip gently. "I love you as a little sister Alexis." Harry said. "I love you as a big brother Harry." I said. Harry and I hug each other. "You are so adorable Alexis." Harry said. I blush.
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