Alyssa's growth (part ii)

Chapter 1 - a new wardrobe

Alyssa carefully stepped out of Tom's vintage 1964 Aston Martin in front of the store. A week and about 4 more additional pounds after her jaw-dropping display, Tom had insisted on taking her shopping and generously offered to pay for her new wardrobe. He had already given her a new maid's uniform that left enough room for a couple weeks binging. Tom already had secretly placed advance orders for even larger uniforms to be delivered in a few months. The store was more upscale than Alyssa's usual haunts (not that she didn't visit this store occasionally and look at all of the clothes that she could never afford) and Alyssa was somewhat excited to find some nice clothes to fit her larger frame. She was uneasy about how long her clothes could handle her expansive bulk. Not for the first time, she wondered what had come over her for the past month or so that had spiked her appetite's aggressive nature. As she stepped from the late summer heat into the air conditioned frigidity of the store, her clothes quickly became damp with condensation and painting the little area of her clothes that was not already stretched to the max, to her skin. Tom came in a few seconds later, a few beads of sweat on his forehead but looking otherwise unaffected by the heat in his t-shirt and jeans.
When Alyssa stepped into the store in her tight pink v-neck sleeveless top and dark blue Capri pants, the male population of the store instantly took notice. Her breasts were straining the top and extending the "v" beyond the intentions of the manufacturers. In fact, her boobs were overshadowing her belly which had filled up the shirt and had about an inch of flab gleaming beneath the hem and over her waist-band. Her rounded thighs stretched the upper portions of her Capri pants. Naturally, as all women do, Alyssa quickly noticed the stares of the men and the glares of their wives at said distracted husbands and Alyssa quickly became flushed with embarrassment. She quickened her pace to disappear into the aisles, causing her bust to wobble and heave with the increased speed. This also caused focus to shift to her swaying ass as the male customers got the full-view of Alyssa's retreating form.
After a couple hours of Tom dutifully following behind Alyssa as she picked out some outfits (and Tom checking out her ass - given his superior vantage point), they finally had several articles of clothing picked out and thusly proceeded to the fitting room. Despite the fact that the store had a great selection of clothing -the fitting room space left a lot to be desired. Alyssa always thought they were rather smaller than other store fitting rooms but could always fit rather comfortably in them. After her gain of almost 50 pounds, she definitely noticed the difference. Her ass kept touching the mirror or walls as she bent down to try on jeans and would bang her hips as she wiggled into the too-tight jeans that she had optimistically added to the pile.
"Just great - as if I wasn't already self-conscious about my figure," Alyssa muttered to the sea-foam green walls of the dressing room as her ass hit the mirror for the twelfth time. She had picked five pairs of jeans to buy and had chosen just as many pairs of shorts. As she bent down to pick up the first bra out of the pile, she saw the two squished globes of her boobs right beneath her chin like twin moons and mere inches from her nose. "Still got it!" she smirked. After she chose several F-cup bras and had picked half a dozen FF cup bras to purchase as well that also fit pretty well, Alyssa began to admire her reflection. Her boobs really looked fantastic in the bra she was trying on. It was hot pink with black lace on top which contrasted with the soft milky skin of her tits. Her hips, in the tight zebra panties, showed off the curved slope of her widened hips. Just as eye-catching was her belly. It was not sagging over her waist-band, it was round and perky like her boobs. Her creamy flesh was unblemished and perfectly smooth. Even when her belly was (relatively) empty, it proudly jutted forward. She had thickened considerably around the middle and developed full-on love-handles. She may not have been happy with the fact that she'd gotten heavier but did have to admit that she did look kind of good - for a fat chick. After doing a fashion show for Tom (of the non-lingerie articles of clothing, of course) and paying for the clothes, Alyssa and her too tight clothes wobbled back to Tom's sleek sports car.
"So," asked Tom, as he pulled out of the parking lot and got onto the highway, "Well, now that's over, what do you want to do today?"
"Hmmmm," said Alyssa as her stomach simultaneously rumbled gently like the precursor for an earthquake. "How about we go on a picnic?"

Hey, so I hope you like my story so far! Please leave your feedback in the comment section and we'll soon see how Alyssa progresses. This is only the first chapter of this installment so don't worry - it's only just begun
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