Becca's college life

Chapter 1 - First Lunch

Becca woke up Saturday morning in her dorm room, and walked into her bathroom. Her collage didn’t start for another week, but as a freshman she had been at school for a couple weeks for orientation and to settle in. Her roommate, who had attended an early summer orientation, hadn’t arrived at school yet, and was due to arrive on campus later tonight. Living in a dorm room with a complete stranger didn’t make Becca nervous at all, because in high school she had attended one of the top prep schools in the country. At this world-renown establishment, she had always been a shy girl, got great grades, and had a few best friends, but attending an all girls school, never had any close guy friends, let alone a boyfriend. Never being much of a partier, in high school, Becca and her friends would usually just stay in their dorm rooms and watch a movie or such. However, she was happy to change this at her new coed collage and meet some guys.

In her bathroom, Becca strode up to her full length mirror in her underwear, and scrutinized every inch of her body. She was a small girl, at only 5’ 1”, she had definitely been one of the shortest girls at her prep school, and her body was certainly among the best. Her beautiful face was dominated by the biggest, greenest, eye anyone has ever seen, and was framed by endless locks of golden hair that fell gracefully on her shoulders. As well, Becca has the smoothest and clearest complexion and skin, and below her lovely face sat her lush, perky 30B rack. All of this was complemented by Becca’s incredibly fit body; she had a complete flat stomach and an extremely tight butt, and weighed 105 pounds. This fantastic body didn’t happen overnight, it came from the year around sports required by Becca’s high school.

Happy with all she saw, Becca went back to the bedroom to get dressed. From the bottom drawer, she grabbed a pair of size 1 mini jean shorts, pulled them up over her silky smooth legs, and pulled a belt tight around her waists to keep them up. For a shirt, Becca decided on an extra tight t-shirt, which left a bit of her flat stomach exposed and flattered the curves of her chest. Slipping on a pair of sandals, Becca was out to launch before going to the gym, not wanting to loser her killer body.

The food here at college was much better then at her high school, so Becca was very eager to try everything at the buffet style cafeteria. Today, she grabbed a plate burger and fries, with a milkshake to drink, a much bigger and calorie full serving then she normally would eat, but hay, she was going to the gym after launch. After swiping her meal card, Becca walked out into the dining room, but still not having any friends, found an empty booth in the back.

Taking a big bite out of her burger, Becca’s mouth watered like crazy at this delicious food. She savored every scrumptious bite of the bigger, yummy gulp of the shake, and each and every ketchup coated fry, but too soon she was feeling extremely full. Even with half the burger, a couple handfuls of fries, and most the milkshake, Becca’s belly was already overly full, and began to poke out the slightest amount. Moving her belt to the next hole, the young girl continued to eat, after all the food was amazing, and she was going to the gym after. Eat bite sliding down her throat into her already full tummy gave her the most peculiar felling. It was warm and exhilarating, starting in her mouth, running down her spine, and ending in her now tingling vagina. She had never felt anything like this, and by the time she had put all the food in her belly, she had loosen her pelt another two holes to accommodate for her expanding tummy, which by now at the slightest arc and stuck out more than a half inch, and her panties were slightly damp.
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Snr6424 14 years
Definitely like where this is going, can't wait to see what's next smiley