Chapter 1

During the two years she had been incarcerated at Pelham State Penetentiary for Women, Kerry Hughes had caused nothing but trouble.

It seemed as though she was in trouble just as much on the inside as she had been on the outside.

Though Kerry wasn't big, only 5 foot 3 and a waif-like 110 pounds, she was tough, fiesty, and aggressive. At 21 years of age she was two years into a 5 to 7 stretch for armed robbery and assault. Before that she had accumulated a long record as a teenage felon with a history of drug use and violent, and dangerous behavior.

It seemed that even a long prison term was not enough mellow out Kerry Hughes.

The latest incident that had landed her back in court was a fight in the prison library where she had broken the nose of a fellow inmate.

Kerry had resigned herself to the idea that the judge was bound to tack even more time onto her already lengthly sentence.

"You have a choice Miss Hughes," intoned the judge severely. "Due to your incorrigibly aggressive behavior I sentence you to 2 additional years in the state penetentiary in addition to your current sentence; or 2 years in the experimental facility known as Bulgemore to run concurrently with your current sentence. The choice is yours."

Kerry Hughes did not hesitate.

"Bulgemore, Your Honor."

There was no way Kerry wanted to spend another 2 years behind bars. Whatever Bulgemore was it couldn't be worse than the cramped conditions and lousy food at Pelham State.

The judge dropped his gavel; "Bulgemore: 2 years," he said, "and I hope, young lady, that a length of time there will slow you down considerably."

Back in her cell at Pelham State, Kerry, accompanied by two guards, was hurriedly packing her belongings for the transfer to the new facility. The guards seemed oddly amused by all of this. As Kerry packed and folded her small size panties, one of the guards cracked,

"Might as well give them little things away Hughes. You won't have much use for them soon."

"What are you talking about," said Kerry.

"Let's just put it this way Hughes; Bulgemore will make a new woman out of you. Next time we see you I expect you'll be twice the woman you are today."

"At LEAST twice the woman," agreed the other guard with a broad smirk.

Bulgemore was nothing like what Kerry expected.

The cells were larger, the beds were wider, the chairs were bigger and more sturdy.

Even the other inmates looked big. Though Kerry spotted a few girls who were plump or just chubby, most of her fellow inmates were quite big girls indeed. Some looked to be over 300 pounds and were either sitting down in the large common room or walking slowly through the corridor. Nobody looked to be in much of a hurry at Bulgemore.

Kerry was by far the thinnest girl there. In fact, she was the only slim girl she could see.

It was all starting to make sense. She had only half heard the warden's speech when she first arrived at Bulgemore and was taken directly to his office.

"This is an experimental facility Miss Hughes. If you don't make it here, and there is a three month trial period, back to Pelham State you go to serve your original and addtional sentences.

"By 'make it here', I mean you are expected to participate in the increased caloric intake available to all the inmates here.If you do things will work out fine. The place will grow on you and, if I may say so, you will grow as well."

The warden handed Kerry a questionaire.

"Fill this out by morning and hand it to one of the guards at breakfast."

The paper Kerry was given listed columns of various foods and asked about her likes and dislikes.

As she left the warden's office and entered her rather spacious one-person cell, the guard told Kerry, "Breakfast at 8, Skinny. Hope nyou brought your appetite."
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Giantjay 12 years
Very sexy & fun! great story! Nicely written.
Jazzman 12 years
There was a similar themed story elewhere-but it involved feeding machines and sedation etc.Immobilizing gains too.\r\nI like this better-with the exception of the B-12 shot there is no outside interference-just the boredom and laziness leaading to gluttony. Very realistic and wonderful.smiley
Ssaylleb 12 years
hey excellent story! I wish you'd stretched it out a little more but truly well done for an original idea.\r\n\r\nand i'd die to be a guard there ;_)
Her Revenge 12 years
great story. id love to hear what the guard at Pelhem State think of the once slim feisty chick!
Bigboy1 12 years
Thanks for the kind wordsw. It's finished.