Eating up a storm

Chapter 1 - started out small

I have always been a perfect size 2 my whole life and everyone was always jealous of me. But then, I got hired for a job I didn't know I had signed up for.
It was just a few weeks after graduation and there were 8 other 22 year old girls who were all rather small standing in the office for the very first day. We were all nervously talking to our new co workers when a very large woman came in.
"Hello. My name is Rebecca. I know you have heard a lot about this place, but the one thing that you don't know is that you are a test. You will not be working. You will be eating. Kiss your single digit sizes goodbye because we are going to fatten all of you up over your time here. Since this is the first time doing it, you can be assured that we are going to fatten you up in the best ways possible and make work for you very easy and relaxing and food filled! We are even going to pay you!"
This is completely different than what I thought it would be like. But, they can't be serious.
"I will now have someone show you to your office. Sophia? Please come here."
That was me. I was first to be shown to my office by a very hot guy.
"Hey, so I know this is not what you signed up for, but let me tell you something, guys dig girls who have fluff to them." He said, leading me to my office. He let me in and was out in a moment.
I looked around. It had a table and a big chair and a machine next to it. I had no idea what this machine was. It did not look like an office at all.
Pretty soon, Rebecca came around to collect us up again for our first feeding session.
"You had some very nice looking guys who just lead you to your room. These guys are going to disappear, but will stop in in about a month or so to see how much you have gained. Make sure that it is worth it for them!"
In the lunch room, there was food that could serve a country. I had never seen so much food in one place at one time.
"Girls, you all must finish every last bite, crumb, and speck of food in this room before any of you can move onto your next activity. A small tip would be to eat as much as you can as fast as you possibly can!"
We were all hungry, but we did not think we were that hungry. But we all started to eat something light and small. To all of our surprises as we ate, we got even more and more hungrier. There must have been something in the food.
We all looked at each other. We were all eating like pigs! It was a shock to see that we had almost finished all of the food in such a short amount of time. And, to my surprise, I was still hungry! I ate and ate and ATE! Finally, everyone realized that there was no more food in the room, and we were forced to stop.
Rebecca came back in.
"Great job ladies! You all ate that food in record time! Now, everyone can go back to their rooms and get some rest before dinner. I will be coming around to everyone to personally introduce myself."
All of us scattered, a little bit slowly since we had just eaten such a big meal.
Rebecca came into my room about half an hour later. She waddled in, looking much larger up close. She came up and sat on my chair facing the bed I was sitting on.
"My name is Rebecca. Our goal here is to fatten all of you up over the next few months to be big huge wonderfully fat women. I was watching you eat at lunch today and you seem like you are going to do well. Right now, you are the smallest of all of the girls, but give it time and I am sure that you will outgrow most of them."
"I am a bit confused. So, you are just going to stuff us full of food and make us really fat?"
"Pretty much. That is the goal. We want you to be so big that it gets hard to get around. When you hit our standards of fat then we will stop. I can tell that you like food. Is this true?"
"Yes, I do enjoy food." That was something I had never said out loud. In all of my years being mega small, I always enjoyed my food and had to work extra hard to keep it from adding pounds to me.
"Please, enjoy the food and this journey. If at the end you hate it, you can lose it. But for now, just go along with getting fat, okay?"
"Okay, it won't hurt me if I try it?"
"Not at all!"
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