Feeling like myself

Chapter 1 - feeling like myself the beginning

I had just gotten home from work. It was late. I hated working nights. I was tired and sweaty, and my feet hurt. God, I hated working. I could sooo do without it. I wished I could find someone to take care of me. I would love to be a stay at home wife, with the kids, if kids would be a part of my life journey. I sighed, and slid off my moped. Lazily bending down to open up the garage door. I was too fat to do this, I laughed to myself.

I loved being fat. I loved being all jiggly and squishy. Made me so happy. I am a feedee. I also would consider myself a hucow. I loved the thought of being treated like a cow. Milked, and bred. It just sounded like the perfect life. To be lazy, gain weight, be milked, and have a family. Unfortunately, gaining weight and being a full time feedee and hucow, wasn't on my agenda at the moment. It made me sad that I couldn't find someone to be happy with that enjoyed what I did. I longed to have a relationship revolving around feederism. I had to hide myself. I always sucked in my stomach around family and friends. I always thought that being skinny was what everyone SHOULD do. I tried losing weight for a while and I lost 79lbs. I wasn't happy when I did lose weight, but I didn't want to be looked at as the fat slob. People can be so mean. I was ashamed of what I loved.

I breathed a sigh of relief and let my belly poke out finally. I rubbed it, greatful I wasn't a stick. I always had conflicting ideas of what I wanted, and what would be "healthy". But are you really healthy if you're not happy too? Grabbing my food out of my moped before shutting the garage, I patted my belly. I loved my belly, I always imagined how much bigger I would get...Although I always thought that was an impossible journey for me to make, I frowned.

I shoved my keys in my pocket and headed to my door. I always felt paranoid coming home at night. It was like I could always feel a pair of eyes on me at all times. It creeped me out, but I usually shrugged if off as no big deal. I hummed a tune as I walked to my door.

"Oh Kendra," a voice purred, smooth as velvet. I froze, terrified. I heard foot steps behind me getting closer. My adrenaline was pumping, I sprinted for my door as fast as I could. I scrambled for my keys, and jumped through my door. I sighed, "I'm safe."

"Not quite," the velvet voice came from behind me.

All went black.
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Akwolfgrl13 7 years
Gahhhh its been 4 years and need more.
Dragorat 10 years
Excellent start
Idluvr 10 years
Good job! I can't wait for more!