First chubby love

Chapter 1

James’ t-shirt was tucked into the waistband of his jeans. It stretched tightly over his gut, highlighting his chubby contours. Sarah watched with fascination - the rise and fall of his stomach with his breathing, becoming noticeably larger at each inhalation. ‘Definitely new weight’ she thought to herself. His clothes smacked of that of a man who hadn’t adjusted to his new poundage just yet. They were tight and accentuated his overweight belly, it extended proudly past his belt and dipped slightly downwards. She imagined him having to lift his belly up to loop his belt into his jeans and fasten it. ‘ A ball gut or a softer gut?’ she considered, hoping that it was the latter.

Sarah enjoyed tantilising herself by making such guesses, she estimated he was 6”2 and reasoned that James was probably 230 pounds - overweight, just on the cusp of being classified as obese, but with the potential for more weight gain, which would compliment his plump frame wonderfully. Those figure-hugging jeans were most likely 36”, but if he gained any more they would certainly be soon retired to his wardrobe.

She reprimanded herself mentally for going off into such a daze, as per usual while in James’ company! She was seated in a tutorial room with another ten fifth year med students while James went over one of their clinical cases from previously in the day. In fifth year, all students were based in the small teaching hospital located downstairs from the lecture rooms where they had passed the previous four years. Sarah had found herself attracted to James rapidly. She wasn’t one to ‘fall in love’ or fancy just anyone, but he was a special case. Final year rotations involved close up interaction with their lecturers, James was doing a Masters degree at the hospital and was involved in teaching students.

He was in his early thirties and Sarah couldn’t deny that the power dynamic was part of his appeal. He would be her superior in the college and the age gap was alluring to her. She was twenty-two years old and had had her fill of guys her age. The med building and hospital was a close-knit community and plenty of social events attended by staff and students alike meant that she’d had a few dealings with James from time to time. She found she instantly clicked with him, and the two had common interests. Last weekend she had gone to the local bar to watch an English rugby match and found him there too. To be polite, she joined him. Acutely aware of the fact that she really liked James, she felt awkward at first, as if every word she uttered was complete nonsense, but she eventually relaxed and when the two parted she couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of hope that there was a certain spark between the two of them.

It also helped that he was involved in the subject area of which she had the most interest in her course. She looked around her, her fellow students were fading away rapidly. It was 11pm and they were already after a long day of work at the hospital. Sarah loved the particular area of medicine they were discussing and, aside from the odd daydream about the object of her desires, she followed James’ words attentively.

James looked at his watch and started. “Christ, apologies for the time, I didn’t realise it was so late!” he exclaimed. “You can all head home and I’ll see you all tomorrow at eight” he said with a grin of apology. A sigh of relief arose from the class and he gave them a knowing smile. Sarah didn’t join the exodus at the doorway, but approached James instead.

“Hey, I have just one question for you if you don‘t mind, but if you want to run out of here while there’s still hours of sleep to be had I’ll let you away now”.

“No problem at all” he replied, “I think my enthusiasm if a bit excessive for most people” he said, nodding towards her peers retreating backs. “It’s nice to see I haven’t bored at least one person to death”.

“Not all” she gushed, “I love your tutorials!”. Oh. Dear. God. Had she actually just said that? She fought the flush creeping to her cheeks and asked her question, making a mental note to try and avoid tripping over her tongue around him in future.

After he’d answered her question with his usual enthusiasm, there was a pause. He asked her how she enjoyed the game on the weekend. Maybe this attraction wasn’t a one way street, could he actually like her too? They exhausted the topic of rugby and there it was again - a pause. She became acutely aware of the silence around them. Her classmates were long gone and the tutorial room was far from the hustle bustle of the main hospital. Neither one wanted to leave, but neither had the courage to make a move.

“Well…” Sarah began resignedly, about to say her goodbyes.

“I really fancy you” James blurted out, before immediately turning a deep shade of scarlet.

She often lamented her complete lack of ability to flirt or ever say the right thing, but this time, she knew exactly what to do. She raised a hand to his face, leant forward and kissed him gently on the lips. When they parted she whispered softly “The feeling is mutual”.

He cracked a grin of delight, replaced rapidly with a look of passionate intensity, he kissed her. First lightly on the lips, then firmer pressure, then their tongues met - a wonderful dance of celebration between the two. His hands began to explore her body - caressing her hair, back, shoulders, hands lightly touching against her breasts. He drew her closer and she realised, with a jolt of electricity, that she could feel his belly pressing against her abdomen. He needed to lean forward slightly to kiss her deeply and stop it getting in his way. She was so turned on, she could barely breath. She pulled herself into him and savoured the feeling of his soft flesh in contrast to her firm body. His lips strayed from hers and he planted gentle kisses in a descending trail down her neck. Her back arched with delight and anticipation. Stealing her courage, she pressed a hand against his stomach and felt his magnificent gut for the first time. It was all she had ever fantasised about. It was soft and yielding, but not excessively so. It bounced slightly when she cupped it and released again. It was perfection.

He moved towards her as his lips explored her body. Guiding her gently towards the wall. She felt the solid concrete behind her, cold and firm and he in front, warm and soft. He pressed against her with a sense of urgency, and she reciprocated, reaching below his hanging gut to undo his tight belt. Her hands moved to the button of his jeans, but then his hand grasped hers. “Wait” he said.

“Wait…we can’t do this. Not here. Not like this, can we?”. He stole a look a at Sarah, her face a mask of hurt and disppointment. He pressed on - “It’s just that, I really do like you, I want to do this properly, let’s not just blow everything by getting caught by someone here and now. This a small place and people talk, let’s give this every chance it deserves. Can we go on a date sometime?”

Composing herself, she smiled back at him, “Yes let’s. I’m glad you shouted stop, because you’re totally right “ she confessed “and I don’t think I was able to call halt” she intoned slyly.

“Good” he replied with relief and kissed her gently on the lips.
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Built4com4t 2 years
Stopped by for a reread. Forgot what an arousing writer you are. I hope you return to the fantasy soon. ;-)
Built4com4t 9 years
yum #2 ... what a treat to find
Littleextra 11 years
So brilliant I came back for more smiley
Littleextra 13 years
This is wonderful. I particularly liked the little internal monologue at the start smiley
Csmith 13 years
Good work. You have talent. Nice to know that there are young FFAs too
Csmith 13 years
Good work. You have talent. Nice to know that there are young FFAs too
BeSoft 13 years
Good start! waitin for more ;]
FrecherTyp 13 years
wow nice one like the discription and the sweet telling please go on and let us enjoy some nice weight gain caused by a nice /naughty lsim girl ^^