Gabi: birthday weekend

Chapter 1 - Intro

Gabi was, and always has been, a good girl. Throughout high school she studied hard, so got perfect grades and secured her place in one of the best schools in the country, UCLA.  Being from Massachusetts, an out-of-stater, made this task even harder. 

Outside of school, Gabi spent a lot of time on homework, but still found time for a social life. She had a close group of girlfriends, Bridget, Rachel, and Kalley, as well as her boyfriend, Ben. Ben was part of their school's volleyball team, and was getting a scholarship to play at Cal State Long Beach, just about an hour from Gabi's school, so the couple could get an apartment together.  Dispute her friends best efforts, Gabi had never been to a party, and never drunk Alcohol. Sure, she had had a glass of wine with dinner and a sip from her dad's beer, but she had never been drunk before. 

Gabi was in perfect shape and excellent health, because she avoided parties and their junk food and calorie full alcohol. As well, she ate very well, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and healthy amounts of oats and grains.  Gabi never over ate and avoid fast food whenever humanly possible. All of this added up to a very thin body, which made her petite five foot zero seam even smaller. Her face had elegant high chin bones, a ridged chin line, and just enough flesh to prevent her from looking sick. She loved her stomach, which had the hits of abs, but not much since she rarely exercised, and was was just on the verge of being concave.  However, her A-cup breasts were all but unnoticeable. Between her short stature and lack of boobs, Gabi was constantly mistaken for a twelve-year-old, and she hated it. Her lower body was just as skinny,  with no extra flesh anywhere to be found. Her thighs had at least an inch and a half gab between then, and up to three inches at her knees. Gabi had a truly tight firm ass, which she noticed Ben loved to grab at, dispute not being able to get any meat. Not for her lack of height, Gabi could easily be a size zero model, but she didn't care, as long as her clothes fit and she looked good, Gabi was happy. 

Gabi had a late birthday, and didn't turn 18 until the August before she left for college. Ben and Gabi's friend decided to surprise the perfect girl on her birthday by making the five hour road trip across the Canadian boarder to Montreal, where they could all drink, legally. So, the five teenagers packed into Ben's 2000 VW Jetta, Gabi riding shotgun, and the friends in the back. Once in the city, the group found their hotel and the suite they had reserved for two night. Their suite had a sitting room with a small kitchen attached, and two bed rooms, one with a king bed for Ben and Gabi, the other with a pair of full beds for Bridget, Rachel, and Kalley. 

After unpacking their clothes and the groceries they brought, Bridget cooked dinner for the group, grilled chicken with a red Russian sauce.  When everyone had eaten enough, and it looked like every had eaten to much, except Gabi of course, they left the hotel to find a bar to hit. 
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Akwolfgrl13 7 years
Love it!!!!!!
FrecherTyp 12 years
oh what a sexy cute lovely story and cute couple ^^ \r\ngood work ! thanks