Girls' night in

Chapter 1 - all about alice and jeanine

Alice and Jeanine were sophomores at the University of Miami, and also roommates. They met because they both studied biology, and hit it off pretty quickly because they were interested in the same stuff: partying, fashion and sex, mainly. Pretty typical 19 year old students you might say. There were a couple of major differences between them, however.
Well, for a start, Alice was a lesbian. She was quite obviously a lesbian, but not butch; boyish if anything. She was skinny and quite attractive in an offbeat sort of way. Her hair changed often but right now it was her natural dark brown, shaved at the sides and a little longer on the top. It suited her angular face well. She dressed in a casual-chic sort of way; mainly skinny jeans and slightly dated designer stuff. She also had a few tattoos on her arms, and was trying to build up a sleeve. She had come from Pittsburgh, and although she liked the place a lot, she had dreamed of living a crazy party-chick life in Miami since her early teens. What's more, she had f*cked pretty much every dyke in that city and wanted to branch out. Her friends back home had warned her about going away to college in such a conservative state as Florida, what with her being a lesbian and all, but Alice had a feeling Miami would be the exception. And she was not wrong.
Jeanine, on the other hand, came from quite a different background. Her family lived in Ormond Beach, and she had never left FL in all her life. She could have gone to Daytona State College, but it did not appeal because her hometown was hardly at the cutting-edge, and really she wanted desperately to move out of her parents' house so that she could pursue one of her interests: fetish modelling. You see, Jeanine was fat. She always had been, and it was only through online communities in her later teens that she began to feel happy in her skin and no longer felt uncomfortable about her weight. Far from it, in fact, she had now grown to embrace her rolls, curves and each one of her 280 soft, heavy pounds. She was pretty also; she had a cute, chubby face, a beautiful smile and long, shiny, flowing locks of golden brown. She mostly wore sexy, revealing clothes that most fat girls wouldn't dare touch: hotpants, tight shirts, even boob-tubes on occasion. Lazing around the house she wore next to nothing; she would sometimes parade around in her panties coupled with a t-shirt or vest that had long since gotten too small for her. There was no real need for such minimal dressing; their AC was perfectly adequate, although Alice never complained.
Alice knew about Jeanine's work in the industry; she talked openly about it. She had started out just posing naked and stuff, before moving onto solo porn and sometimes getting f*cked for the camera by some lucky guy. Alice, unlike many people, could easily understand why some men (and women, she imagined) were attracted to larger ladies. She had never given it much thought herself, but if the right fat girl came along then she'd surely give it a go. Both girls were very open about their sex lives; they often discussed conquests or every now and again found themselves privy to each other's sexual encounters, as the walls in their apartment were pretty thin. Well, increasingly, Jeanine was out of town for her work, and, although she enjoyed working in the porn industry, there was a clear line between sex for work and sex for pleasure. Juggling college and work meant she didn't go out as often as she had in her freshman year, and it was rare that she actually brought a guy back of a night.
Alice, on the other hand, was certainly making the most of her new life in one of the best party cities in the country. It's true that she had never had a problem getting laid ever since she came out at school in liberal Pittsburgh when she was sixteen: she'd always had confidence and good looks, a winning combination that few girls seemed able to resist. One thing that surprised her about Miami, however, was that she had started f*cking a few straight girls. Some, of course, were the drunken college girls whose curiosity had gotten the better of them after watching one too many episodes of The L Word. Always an enjoyable f*ck, but not quite the same as f*cking a (relatively) sober chick. She knew how to work a girl, and always seemed to know what to say and do to get into her pants, but even she was shocked at just how easy it was to f*ck straight girls here, providing you knew how to seduce them.
Well, gay or straight, Alice usually liked to bring girls back to her place, so she could use her strap-on on them, and let them have a go f*cking her as well, if they were lucky. Some nights when this happened, if Jeanine was still awake or, as was more often the case, got woken up by the noise, she found the only way to get herself back off to sleep was to reach for her vibrator.
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Littleextra 10 years
Very nicely written - and very hot too! Bravo.