Got milk

Chapter 1 - the beginning

Victoria was always a plump girl. Even in her family, she was the fattest of everyone. Reaching 250 lbs by the age of 11, she was the biggest in her class. Her teachers were always concerned and tried to convince her parents that there was something wrong. Little did the teachers know, Victoria liked her weight and wanted to grow larger. She was always like this. Even as a child, she would sneak into her older brothers' rooms and sneak their weight gainers and make her own. Being full of weight gainer, she would force herself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner not to mention snack all day. As she grew older, her weight grew as well. By the age of 17, she weighed a whopping 323 lbs. She ate all the time and because of her eating all the time, people would stare, point, and snicker as she would go to class with her belly completely round and full. She would get in trouble with the teacher constantly because her stomach would make loud noises during class and interupt the teacher. When Victoria graduated, she weighed 387 lbs. She spent a year at home before she went to college. As she was home one day, she stood in front of a mirror staring at herself. "How will I ever find love if I am this size. No man will ever want me. I am so fat. I am still a virgin. I will diet and lose weight" Victoria thought. True to her word, she began everyday to force herself to diet. Months went by and she thought she lost alot of weight until one day she climbed on a scale and realized she had gained 4 more pounds to her already hefty figure. "Oh no. I weigh 390 lbs now?! I am a whale" sobbed Victoria. "At least college starts in a month", she said as she started eating her secret stash of snacks. During the month, Victoria waged war on herself. Everyday she forced herself not to eat any snacks but found herself later eating them. She even would eat in her sleep. Doing so, She wound up a big 405 lbs for college. Finally the big day came. "Are you excited", said her father. "I'm just trading one school for another" said Victoria depressingly. Finally as she reached the campus, she heaved herself out of the car and looked around. There were all sorts of people there. "Maybe no one will notice me" she thought trying to hide her bulging belly. She made her way to her dorm where she found a super skinny model type blonde was going to be her roommate. "Hell no. I am not going to bunk with a whale. She is just going to fill up the place" said the blonde out loud insulting Victoria. "I want to be with someone healthy" she said as she grabbed her stuff and stormed out. "I guess I was wrong. People are going to be just as mean as they were in high school" thought Victoria as she unpacked. "Hello miss. I am the student advisor, Bill." said a voice behind Victoria. "Welcome. I am sorry about Stephanie. She can be a bitch almost all the time. I'm sorry you will have to be on your own for now but you will have to have a roommate eventually" said Bill. "It's ok. I had to deal with those types of people all my life" said Victoria as she put her things away. After she put her things away, she started to lay down when a huge growl in her stomach caught her off guard. "I guess I will find out what they have to offer to eat" she thought as she lumbered out of bed. Being 5'3" and weighing over 400 lbs made her look huge. When she reached the cafeteria, she was met with all sorts of stares, snickers, and moo's like a cow. As she went through she found it was a self serve buffet. She went through and grabbed her plate and loaded very little on and went to sit down. When she sat, every person that was near her cleared away. "Watch out she might explode" yelled one guy as he ran. "A-holes" she thought as she ate. Weeks went by and Victoria hadn't even talked to one person except for the professors who complimented her on her intelligence. One day, she was sitting in her normal seat in the very back when a new student walked in. "Hubba hubba" she thought as she tried not to stare. He was 6'6" and looked as though he weighed 250 lbs. "Oh no, he's walking this way" she said under her breath as she began to get hot. "Hello my name is Zach. I am a new transfer student and I do not know anything about this campus. Do you mind if I sit with you and follow you" he asked looking right into her eyes. "Uh....Uh......Sure" she studdered. "Oh he is so cute" she thought doing her best not to look. After class, Zach followed Victoria out and went to the cafeteria. "Can you tell me where this dorm room is" he asked showing her the number. "WTF" she said out loud. "You are going to be my roommate?!" she said with enthusiasm. Thinking she did not want him there, he said he could find somewhere else. "No no I'd be happy to have a roommate that would um accept me for my size" she said. "I am no lightweight myself" said Zach with a chuckle. "Oh please. You look like you weigh no more than 250. I weigh almost 410" she said in a rather sad tone. "I am going to have to burst your bubble, but I do not weigh no mere 250. I weigh almost 400 myself" said Zach with a grin. " I have to be honest, I have a fetish in gaining weight" he said with a grin. "I have always been that way". "I used to do that when I was younger" Victoria said looking away. Zach looked Victoria up and down and said, "You look beautiful with your weight. I wouldn't mind seeing you with a bit more." Not sure if she was insulted or received a compliment, Victoria shoveled a bit of food into her mouth. They finished their meals and went back to the dorm room where they talked about their pasts. Interesting to find out that Zach was an only child who had a fascination with weight gain ever since he met his cousin's cousin's dad who weighed an immense 700 lbs himself. Intrigued by Zach, Victoria began to hang out with him more and more and began to develop feeling towards him. Eventually Zach and Victoria started dating. As they dated, both their weight began to increase. She eventually weighed a good 460 lbs while Zach put on a good 80 lbs. One day as they layed in bed, Zach revealed a secret fetish that he always wanted to try. "I am into lactation" he said nervously. "You mean you want me to produce milk" Victoria said with a puzzled look on her face. "Yeah. I have had that interest almost all my life. Would you um try it?" he asked with hesitation expecting a big letdown. "Sure" she said with a smile. After a while, Victoria went out and found a local maternity store and bought herself a set of breast pumps and started trying to milk herself. Being new at it, she did not start producing until a few weeks later. When she started to produce, she told Zach about it. He insisted that she save the milk and let him drink it. She let him have the first bottle of milk which he guzzled down without hesitation. Soon she couldn't pump fast enough. Her boobs went up 3 sizes from being milked. She even would lactate in class because her boobs were full. As Zach would drink her milk, his weight began to skyrocket. After drinking her milk for 2 months, he ballooned to a huge 575 lbs. Not sure, he went to the doctor for tests. Except for being majorly overweight, the doctor declared him healthy as a horse. Unsure about it, he told Victoria. "Hmmm. This is strange. I wouldn't think my milk is so fattening. Good thing we are not having a baby. That baby would be so fat it wouldn't be able to move." she said as she rubbed Zach's massive flesh. Not realizing it, Victoria had made Zach super fat with her own breast milk because it had the weight gainer that she had drank when she was young in it. It never left her system. Soon Zach and Victoria graduated college and began working. Soon Zach asked Victoria to marry him which she said yes without waiting for Zach to finish. After the wedding which was so small hardly anyone was there, Zach and Victoria went on there honeymoon which Zach was drinking Victoria's milk right from her nipples. As he drank, she hugged what she could of him. As she was holding, she began to notice that her hands were being pushed away from each other. "Is he ballooning up as I am holding him" she thought to herself. Sure enough he was. Victoria watched as he would suck her huge boobs and drink the milk, he would expand as though someone had injected him with constant fat. Soon she heard the sound of ripping which she realized was his underwear. He was literally outgrowing them right in front of her. "Oh my. If he continues at this rate, he will be immobile" she thought with a suprised look on her face. After they came home from the honeymoon, Zach made arrangements through his job to work at home since he was too big for the office. Eventually Zach's weight reach gigantic proportions and had to have a special computer dest be made attached to his bed because he could barely walk at all.
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