Heidi (part ii)

  By Hgee

Chapter 1

I couldn’t sleep this particular night and was sitting in the kitchen, sipping some warm milk. After a few minutes, I was joined by Mara, who had seen the light on and ventured in to see who was up. Apparently, she was up late playing with the new, computerized sewing machine I had bought for her. With the exception of the two of us, it appeared all of the other family members and staff were already sound asleep.

But just as we engaged in small talk we heard someone coming. It turned out to be Heidi. She was still wearing Marisol’s large-sized, old warm-up suit she had adopted earlier in the day. She barely acknowledged us as she rubbed her sleepy eyes and went right toward the refrigerator.

“Ohhh…..I was just looking for a treat. Maybe some ice cream if I can find it,” Heidi said groggily, reaching in the drawer for a spoon.

Soon she was opening the upper freezer door. Heidi strained up on her dainty little feet to peer into the depths of the freezer, but just then her fat and growing belly unexpectedly poked out of her suit. It had forced her pants down and top up with a smooth and quick snap and it now hung comfortably free.

“MMM! Chocolate fudge!” said Heidi, retrieving a large carton of ice cream.

She stood there and immediately started eating, oblivious that her new flabby tummy was now exposed and in full view. I think we were again astonished at how soft, smooth and pillow-like it had become. Her navel was now sunken deep in the new layers of thick and healthy flesh.

“Oh dear! You have gotten too big for those suits too! Tsk, tsk!”

Mara said rushing over. She did her best to pull up Heidi’s pants and pull down her top, to once again cover Heidi’s ever-growing paunch.

“Oh, ha ha ha, don’t worry,” said Heidi, laughing, her mouth full of rich ice cream. “Stupid thing shrank when they washed it! Not my fault! Besides, this big freezer is much too high to reach, it’s got me stretching and reaching like a contortionist. I don’t need to be exerting myself like that!” she said crossly, trying to adjust her workout suit which looked undersized around the middle.

“Ooooff, I could use some new clothes. These suits are so tight they get hot sometimes…maybe you could make me a sundress………or…or something” Heidi said, finally getting her suit adjusted to comfortably accommodate her rolls of fat.

True to her demands, the next day Heidi could be found behind closed doors in Mara’s sewing room. After what seemed like the whole morning, Heidi emerged in a very simple white sundress. Mara had churned it out in a hurry with the help of her new equipment. It also helped she didn’t have to measure Heidi very exactingly for such a loose fitting dress, she simply made it plenty big! The material looked loose and cool, yet still had the look of a well-made garment.

“She looks very glamorous in that dress,” I remarked to my wife, Paula.

”For a woman who has grown so very, very plump, she is still rather stunning.”

Paula gave me a sideways look as I admired Heidi.

“Well, as much as I hate to admit it, you’re right, dear. She is getting a bit of a double chin, but it doesn’t hurt her looks a bit, she is still quite ravishing. Ooooh, makes me want to hate her!” Paula, smirked, jealously.

“If only I could indulge in food like that and still be so gorgeous. Seems like she can do no wrong…that dress makes her look thinner too!" said Paula, with her hands on her hips.

“You’re right. We're so used to those velour suits where you can see every roll of fat,” I added.

“More butter mashed potatoes!” mumbled Heidi as we all sat eating our lunch. She looked as though she was making up for her morning of fasting sitting in Mara’s room. She was eating more than we had ever seen her eat before. I’m sure it was easier now for her to ignore her plump and expanding body, now that her clothes don’t constrict her and her growing rolls are hidden under a loose dress.

Soon, with a pile of a half-dozen absolutely cleaned plates next to her, she lazily sat back and put her cute little hands on her big tummy and closed her eyes.

“My this dress is wonderful,” Heidi swooned. “It's so cool and comfortable, and it doesn’t get tight as I eat! The problem is, I don’t know when to stop eating!” she said blissfully.

That day Heidi was asleep for almost five hours after her lunch…a lunch that could easily have fed a family of a six.

The next morning Heidi’s appetite continued to be quite healthy. After a decent breakfast, Heidi took her usual spot nestled in the living room couch. In her arms, she held her usual box of chocolate doughnuts. My office is right off the living room, so from my desk, I can observe most that goes on every morning as I do my daily paperwork.

Marisol soon arrived to do a few of minutes on the treadmill. She bounded energetically around the room with more energy than Heidi had ever seen from her.

“I’ve reached my goal!” Marisol said, as she climbed on the treadmill.

She wore tight spandex that showed off her new, lean body. She still had a little fat on her, but it looked like if she wanted to lose more weight, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Got to keep it this way! Maybe I’ll shed a few more pounds for the heck of it!” said Marisol gleefully, as she started her workout with vigor.

Meanwhile, Heidi continued to indulgently feed herself doughnuts with a pleased smile as she thought how happy she had made Marisol. A picture flashed in her head of the obese, 285-pound Marisol who was barely able to do a sit-up. This was the Marisol who could barely run a few steps without getting hopelessly out of breath. Heidi’s smile widened.

“Yes, we’ve done it!” said Heidi proudly.

“Only problem is I'm starting to get out of shape in the process,” Heidi said with a broad smile and giggled, her mouth full of doughnuts. She lay motionless on the couch, her expanding body filling out the soft sofa quite nicely.

Marisol knew “a little out of shape” was a gross understatement, but was still appreciative of her friend. She doted over Heidi, constantly doing her favors and more or less treating her like royalty. And Heidi was none too quick to fall into the role. Despite Heidi’s increasing “queen-like” behavior, they still spent long hours late at night talking and had become closer than ever.
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Scootergirl 2 years
I'd love for a Heidi Part 3. After all these years, our girl Heidi must have REALLY grown smiley
Ardentsnowman 4 months
He did and she didn't.

Jdm 3 years
Might just be the best story on ff would be a joy if you were able to continue
Yuri33 7 years
I love story like this,were a girl become lazier And well spoiled. Exellent work, please write more!
Dreambig 13 years
this story is outstanding. when i saw you had a part 2 i flipped for joy. its great where it stands, i love its so sexy without being sexual, and the descriptions are just fantastic. finish it, leave it, whatever. just give us more stories!!! youre amazing!!!
Mdy73 13 years
Very nice story!!! Long & well done. Of course, that Heidi should gain some more wonderful pounds, she can find love & the family can return back to plump state :-)