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Chapter 1

I had been out of college for more than 3 years with a degree in Cullinary Arts from Johnson and Wales and was still looking for a job when one of my girlfriends sent me an email.

"Linda- Seeing as nothing has come up for you in Fine Cuisine, and you haven't found a millionaire doctor, maybe this add can help you find room and board at least, plus a little spending money. Check it out, it looks good and you will get to cook!"

As I looked at the add it did seem interesting...

"Wanted: A live in cook capable of creating a variety of fine cuisine and comfort foods, and willing to do basic housework, for a shut-in. Room and board provided with reasonable pay based on related experiences and of course, cooking skills!"

I had spent the last three years cooking at smalltown retaurants and diners and even worked at a couple of the "slow-food" chains. I was tiring of my current job at Red Robbin; good burgers, but not my idea of the kind of cooking I ought to be doing! With my degree and my specialty in South Asian and Thai Cuisine, I felt I ought to be doing more than I was, and maybe this job would at least give me an opportunity to cook "My Style!"

When I called the number in question, a young woman answered and arranged that I come in the next day for an interview. She seemed pleasant over the phone, and I assumed it must be her mother that I was going to be cooking for. The next morning, I dressed in my only "Professional Looking" pant suit, got on my make-up and headed for the rendevous, which was at a home in a nearby up-and-coming McMansion suburb. I caught my reflection in the hallway mirror on my way out of the apartment and I liked what I saw! A 5'11 blonde with a nice set, long legs and killer ass with just a bit of extra winter padding from my work in the Red Robbin kitchen and not enough time to sweat it off yet. I thought of my latest ex's complaint that my belly wasn't washboard hard anymore, and my response defending larger women! Hey, every guy wants you to meet there pattern and as a cook, I owe it to my clients to stand up for indulgence, espescially to a jerk like Jack had been. Well anyway, I was soon in the driveway of a beautifully set two floor McMansion, set back on a hill above a neighborhood of other homes that must have gone for alot more bucks than I could ever imagine, and this was the biggest of the bunch. Parking in front of the three car garage I made my way up the stairs just in time for the door to open revealing one of the most attractive men I had ever met, or seen. Tall, dark haired and ruggedly handsome with a daringly untrimmed goatee that ran up his jawline further than most, Ted was someone I would enjoy seeing, even once in a while!

His name was Ted he informed me, and after I introduced myself he led me through the foyer into a tastefully decorated dining room where a heavy red-headed woman sat, eating from several cartons of recently delivered Chinese food. She looked to be about 30 and had to be approaching 300 pound, which she carried well but was still forced to sit back away from the table a bit making the use of her chopsticks a bit tricky if she didn't want to be wearing any lo mein.

"Linda, this is my wife Katherine, who I believe you spoke to on the phone yesterday."

"Pleasant to meet you...Ted, can you get me a fork and plate please, this is starting to get messy! Don't you just love Chinese food Linda! So many flavors and textures, and I assume your a cook?"

"I do love it Katherine, and yes, I have a Culinary Degree from Johnson and Wales and Chinese is my third favorite ethnic food, behind Thai and Indian."

"Wonderful! Ted, she makes Chinese! I've never had the others...would they be similar Linda?"

"In many ways yes, but I find they offer even more variety in both flavor and texture. Like now I see your going to try that Generals Chicken whcih I'm sure you find a little spicy. Indian and Thai have many chicken dishes, and they are often spicy, but the spice loads are so different than the simple heat you get with..."

"Ted, are you listening to her!"

"I am honey, and it seems you may have found your perfect employee to take you on this cullinary adventure."

Ted's voice showed a trace of excitement and Katherine appeared to be literally ecstatic. I must say that at this point I was slightly taken aback. WHo exactly was the shut in that I was to be cooking and caring for? When I asked that question, it brought a smile to Ted's handsome face, and an absolute burst of Fat Lady mirth form Kate.

"Why Linda...we're sorry, but it's me! What did you assume, that you would have to fetch and carry for a wrinkled up old lady or wizened old man? Its me. Ted and I are planning on making me immobile!"
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Deth 9 years
That would be great
Xandercroft 9 years
***ing kinky...I'm into a continuation!
RFBurton 9 years
Should there be a continuation?? Are you curious as to what the future may hold for these fattening folks?
Mdy73 9 years
Oh my, this is perfect reading!
RFBurton 13 years
What is going to happen to Linda?
Jazzman 13 years
How about if Linda seeks employment with another friend of Ted. A similarly inclined and also wealthy man with a wife who is slender. And maybe this wife has some feedee tendencies waiting to be set free. Linda could become her cooking and baking teacher and eventually with sampling the goods-her eating buddy. That way Linda's own gain would continue but slow down some. And just maybe the new man had an equally inclined brother for Linda.
Daj462 13 years
Have Linda become bigger than Kate smiley
Daj462 13 years
Nice looking for the next one smiley
RFBurton 13 years
more to come soon!
Daj462 13 years
Jazzman 13 years
JUst as good as ever. I look every day to see if you've added another chapter.
RFBurton 13 years
Well Linda is gaining, and Kate is out of control, but what about Ted, and the two new Italian helpers....any predictions?
Daj462 13 years
Please, I'd like to see more, soon
Tarquin 13 years
Excellent, NEVER read anything better! Can't wait to see Linda get too fat to walk.
Daj462 13 years
Very nice looking forward to more smiley
Jazzman 13 years
Each chapter better than the last-seems impossible! It is the pacing and the artistic use of language that I like-and imagery. And the reality is possible too. Too fat for conventional sex is on its way-and she has a firm grasp on it. Amazing story! Will you do any further delving into the beginnings of Ted and Kate's relationship? Was she a 250 lb BBW when they first met? etc. Just Sayin.
Can't wait for the next chapter!
Shammyboy 13 years
awesome work. Not what I expected
Jazzman 13 years
Masterful pacing makes each chapter even better than the last!
RFBurton 13 years
Thanks...and I plan on keeping it going toward the tangent I have in mind!
Jazzman 13 years
I thought this was going to be yet another bakery or doughnut shop story-and I Still like those! BUT this is something completly new and Wonderful!
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