Jenny's belly bulge

Chapter 1 - the cruise chapter 1

Jenny was a 23 year old women, people had always admired her slim physique, long dark hair and beautiful features. She had always tried to eat right and exercise regularly. Her Mum had always warned her this was important because when women in her family gained weight they did so quickly and it was disproportionally distributed around the tummy. Often making people believe they were pregnant. But fortunately for Jenny women in her family also lost weight just as quick as it was gained.

At 23 Jenny and her partner Ben had always dreamed of a Caribbean cruise and they had finally saved enough money. Jenny couldn't contain her excitement know the fact the cruise was all inclusive worried her. She was concerned she might start to gain the weight she had fought so hard to keep off. Ben assured her that she couldn't gain that much and either way it wouldn't do her any harm to gain a little. So Jenny decided to relax and enjoy herself.

On the first night of the cruise Jenny and Ben went down to the main dining room. They were presented with one of the largest and best stocked buffets they had ever seen. Every sort of meat, pizzas, Indian, Chinese food a desert table that stretched the entire length of one side of the dining room. The waiter came over and explained that this dining room was open 24/7 and they could eat as much as they like and return as often as they like. Jennys eyes were now wide open and staring at the spread. Before Ben could think Jenny was up and heading for the buffet. She filled her plate and piled it high. As they sat down on the table Jenny looked at her plate smiled and said to Ben, "Well guess I'm hitting the gym as soon as I'm back!". She devoured the entire plate. When they had both finished Ben suggested the deserts but Jenny wasn't done with the mains yet and returned a few minutes later with another large plateful.

The second plate took some time to disappear but the smile from Jennys face never faded. After she had dusted off the last few speks Ben said "Well I guess you won't be wanting desert then?". Jenny looked thoughtful for a few moments then said "I think I could squeeze it in" as she loosened her belt.

They returned to their room and Jenny collapsed on the bed, rubbing her little tummy bloated with the excess.

Jenny and Ben spent the next few nights in much the same fashion and visited the dining room infrequently throughout the day. The amount of food that Jenny could put away surprised Ben and herself and by the 5th day there was a noticeable bulge around her tummy which made it very difficult for Jenny to pull her jeans up all the way so she had to wear them low, then long flowing tops over her torso.

On the last night of the cruise Jenny and Ben finished their now customary meal in the dining room then went out on deck to look at the stars. Jenny stood in Ben's arms and Ben wrapped his arms around her, feeling out the bulging belly and squeezing it. Jenny blushed "I really do look like I'm pregnant don't I?", Ben chuckled, "Yes a little, but I think you look beautiful", she smiled and they returned to their room.

On the final day Jenny and Ben enjoyed another lavish breakfast with all the trimmings then returned to their room to pack. Jenny put on her last clean dress and a belt around the middle. The dress wrapped around her now large and protruding belly which embarrassed Jenny but it was all she had left. "Right! from tomorrow this belly is going, its huge!" Ben chuckled and said "Your belly may be huge but your still the most beautiful and sexy women I know", he playfully stroked her belly.

They picked up their bags and went to disembark. As they were walkijg to the exit one of the stewards came running up and offered to carry Jenny's bag. She smiled and accepted, "That's very nice of you, thank you". "No worries Madam, a women in your condition shouldn't be straining her self", she blushed again as she realised the steward thought she was pregnant.

The following day Jenny started a strict diet and went out exercising everyday. Sure enough as quickly as it had appeared the bulge disappeared. Jenny smiled and thought about how it felt to have it wobble as she walked up and down stairs, or how Ben would rub it as she recovered from their binges. She sighed and went back to her life as a skinny girl.

TBC in Chapter 2
(Jenny discovers a way she can enjoy her belly again)
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