Like a dream come true

Chapter 1

My workday has ended. For at least a little while, the corporate rat race is delayed. I walk to my car, and get in my sedan. It is the car i've always wanted, its the Cadillac i've always dreamed of. I turn out of the parking garage and head home. I remember i wanted to pick up something special for my sweetheart so i think of places to stop. I admire my car again, i admire my clothes and my suit. I know she'll be hungry so I know better than to not get her anything. The Cadillac comes to a halt after turning into a parking lot. It's the bakery I know she loves and inside are the treats she loves to devour. I walk to the counter, and the lady behind the register knows my usual order. She hands me the three dozen doughnuts and a small double chocolate cake. I run my card thru the machine. The words platinum catch my eye, as it is written in my card. I leave the bakery and enter my Cadillac. I have everything I want in my life, great job, great car, nice things, and plenty of money. I do have a wife, but I want her to be perfect. And she will be. I turn onto the highway and enter the traffic flow. The highway takes me to a road, which takes me to another road, which leads to the road I take home. I grab the goodies from the bakery and head upstairs. I put my key in the lock and open the door. As i enter my home I look at the pictures on my wall. There is a picture of me holding a skinny blonde girl. then the next picture on the wall is me on a cruise with the aame girl who is slightly more plump. As i look down the wall to my college graduation photo the girl holding me dyed her hair and seemed to put on some weight, probably 150 pounds. The next is our wedding photo, she looked slightly more plump. I hear my wife call me into the living room. I hear her, she is eating, and the house smells of delicious food. I enter the room and see the remains of the feast I had left for her. The trays of chicken had been reduced to bones, and the tray of pasta had been reduced to a little bit of sauce. My wife shoves the last slice of the extra large pizza into her mouth and chugs the last of the 2 liter. She lets out a large burp, and admires seeing me. She calls out to me, and notices the surprise I for her. She thanks me and tears into the first doughnut box....

I watch as my beautiful wife shoves even more fattening treats in her face...

She is an addict, and I am her junkie. She needs the food, and I suppy it. She loves the feeling of being full, and I love giving her that feeling.

I am a feeder and I am fattening my wife.
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