Noblesse oblige

Chapter 1

Lulu felt the familiar burn on her buttocks, and shut her eyes tightly as slap after slap smacked her reddening behind. She felt the cool air that the swing of the hand sent to her moist skin- slick with sweat and bartholin fluids. Another slap sent a wave of fever in her body – and caused her heavily swollen buttocks to vibrate almost violently.

She buried her already raw-red face in her arms, trying to ignore the mocking snort of the boy – no – of the man above her. Edmond slapped her again, so hard she let out a shocked cry of pain. "hurts!" she screamed, picking her head up. Edmond looked at her in an amused glance, and then turned to the Marquis who nodded in approval.

Lulu breathed heavily, and then lowered her head again. She felt Edmond's hands on her buttocks again, this time touching it very gently. Lulu started to feel erect all over again, as Edmond's well experienced hands stimulated her, rubbed her, and gently poked her floating white flesh. He made her kneel in front of him, moving to her behind to show the Marquis the way her soft bloated belly touched the floor, and then sent his shiny black boot to press expertly against her hottest point. Lulu moaned, and Edmond gave another short, insulting laughter.

"Is that good?" asked the Marquis.

Lulu could only huff heavily, her triple chin buried deeply in her meaty soft neck. The Marquis had waited until she had managed to sob "go----od"

The Marquis smiled approvingly to Edmond. "Well done." He said, his tongue slowly pass over his cutting pearly white teeth, which meant he was deeply satisfied.

"Thank you, sir." Answered Edmond politely, moving slowly his foot up and down. Lulu felt how her head becomes completely empty. Anything but the pleasure melted away. She forgot to close her mouth from the intensity of the experience, and droll started dripping from one side of her mouth while her eyes stared blankly.

"I think she is hungry." Said the Marquis, moving to the exit. "I believe I can trust you with that, Edmond?"

"Of course, sir." Answered Edmond through tightening lips.

As soon as the door closed, Edmond moved away from Lulu. "Stop moaning, pig" he said sharply. "You made a mess on my boot. I'll have to burn this pair."

She blinked couple of times before managing to collect herself enough to answer "you're the one who complain?" she asked sharply. "I'm the one who got – got booted!"

Edmond simply stared at her coldly for a minute or two. "If you'll wipe your drool, you will be a lot easier to understand."

Lulu closed her mouth to that, feeling his icy grey eyes linger upon her porky body. She tried to glare back, but was brutally defeated by embarrassment and shame. It wasn't a fair fight.

"Just back off." She said quietly at the end, looking away.

"Why?" he asked mockingly. "You're not into me anymore?"

"I was never into you to begin with." She said, annoyed. "I just want this contract to end, so that I'll be able to take my money and get the hell out of here."

Edmond looked at her cautiously, and suddenly it seemed like his cold cynical mask peeling away from his face. "And what will you do what out there?" he asked sadly. "get into some diet? Begin new life? Find a loving husband and a nice job as a kindergartner? Live in a pretty cottage by the sea?"

She almost gasped. It was as if he read her most inner thoughts, but his tone seemed so distanced. "Well, yes. Isn't it what everyone wishes for?"

Edmond smiled melancholically. "Isn't it worse then death?"

She stared at him, shocked. "What on earth are you talking about?"

In the same speed his mask left his face, he wore it again. Suddenly his eyes were cold and crueler then before. "Enough with the philosophy." He said bitterly. "It's not like you have enough mind to understand anyway. It's time to eat, pudding girl."

He kicked her robe to her from the edge of the room, and she slipped into it quickly. She got it when she first moved, but now it was almost too tight, and her fleshy stomach, thighs and breasts peeked every time she moved. She tried to ignore it, while she hurried after Edmond to the dining room.
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