Once in a lifetime

Chapter 1 - or finding the gainer of my dreams

For years I had been a part of the online feederism/WG community, but only as a general participant. I was on the sites, saying hi, giving advice and support where possible, donating to a few honest gaining campaigns (and a few dishonest ones) and generally indulging my interest however I could.

Only in early 2013 did I finally make the leap to a more direct role in someone's gaining journey, when I found an American lady on Fantasy Feeder seeking just my brand of encouragement. (I'm Australian.) Her significant other had suggested she gain some curves, and she was tired of constantly denying herself little pleasures to stay skinny. She wanted to shoot for 50 new pounds on top of the existing 110, then see about going from there. She had no idea where to start, but as it turned out she was a natural.

Besides my standard advice to very thin gainers to work on increasing her capacity first, I suggested that she take a set of "before" selfies for her own reference. The contrast with later pictures, I wrote, would give her a sense of achievement. She ran with the concept, taking a standard set of about ten photos each day, not counting fun extras. Day 1 shorts front, day 1 shorts side, day 5 bikini front, etc. She shared it all with me. As many of you know, it was extraordinarily generous and trusting of her to let me in like this.

Using a calorie calculator I worked out that if she could manage 4,000 calories a day, she could gain 4-5 pounds in a week. I thought this was ambitious, but her first day of happily stuffing herself amounted to over 6,100 calories by her count, and in the weeks that followed her daily intake ranged between 7,000 and 11,000 calories. It was no trouble for her as she took in bowls of ice cream, bakery fresh cookies, vegetables roasted in oil, whole milk with chocolate or caramel and all sorts of ethnic treats from a local food fair. God bless America, as the religious say.

It wasn't until the second and third set of pictures went up that I finally allowed myself to believe that she wasn't a faker using some diet freak's pictures. Not only was she clearly expanding, but some of the poses were using my suggestions (e.g. regular shots lying down so her belly would rise over time like dough). I'd been tricked by a role-player very shortly before I met this lady, and simply could not believe my luck until that point.

So it was a huge relief, on top of it being freaking Christmas because this lady was born to grow. Her belly bulged immediately, and was a packed dome whenever she had the camera. The gap between her thighs disappeared immediately, and the jeans from her starting shots didn't last long. Her already ample breasts collided in the middle of her bikini top as they filled it, and soon required a larger one. Her friendly face grew round, and the new double chin suited her. A cardigan I'd asked her to try on stretched across her and gaps appeared between the buttons. A sweater gradually rose up to reveal her lower belly. Her SO was overjoyed.

She hit a plateau at 136 and got a bit worried that the 7,000 calories didn't seem to be going anywhere. I'd been expecting this, because once all your existing fat cells are full-sized it takes a lot of energy for them to divide and make new ones. After a week or so she was off and running again, so to speak.

What seemed like a moment later, she made it. She was 160 glorious pounds in a body I'd referred to early on as a "blank canvas", so you could now look at her and see exactly what fifty extra pounds looked like. She cut the faces off some of her pics and put them up on Fantasy Feeder; after some initial accusations of morphing, they went absolutely bonkers for her. The account is still there, too.

She was grateful to me, and I to her for letting me share in her journey, but it was time to put down the cake shakes. She had college and work, and a dress to fit into in the short term.

A few months after we'd last been in contact, she popped back on to say hi. She'd dropped to 130 pounds for a certain obligation, but had then immediately splurged and really hadn't stopped since. Without any help from me she was back up to about 170 with no end in sight, and loving it. The last weight she quoted on Fantasy Feeder was over 220. In the pictures she's kept her voluptuous figure very well, it just keeps on getting wider.

I would dearly love to find someone else to guide through the same process, and I'll certainly keep an eye out, but after having looked for so long I realise how lucky I was to find a lady like this once in my whole life. It was a unique collaboration and experience, one I'll always cherish.
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Plumpfatdana 10 years
You have no idea how jealous i am--what an unreal experience!! The chance to be pretty much a fantasy feeder to the most beautiful feedee in the world! To see that unbelievably beautiful face get rounder and rounder! You seek another experience, but I'm telling you you've already climbed Everest!

Best story ever.
Jazzman 10 years
This brought back some very fond memories for me. Thanks for sharing.