Pear flavored potion

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For a "magic" shop, it was amusing to see the different variety of men milling about. Typically in a place like this you would see the same archetypes of dark color clad, post high school goths with black hair long enough to cover their chronic acne. This was different though. While those stereotypes were still present there were also guys that looked like they were jocks in high school. There were hipsters and men who would fit perfectly in your local Lexus showroom. Though this observation was interesting enough to note, it was not enough to distract me from why I was there. Like the rest of these quiet and wide-eyed men, I had come to that back room of that suburban "magic shop at the prospect of fulfilling my deepest sexual desire. To control the growth of the woman I love's body.

Chapter 2

I had found out about the store deep on a message board from a site of like mined fat admireers. It started as these things usually do. Someone posing a "wouldn't it be nice if..." statement and the rest of us commenting on what we would do if we could. Then, right as the conversation was starting to die down, someone who hadn't been part of the conversation posted a comment about how for the right price we could make our fantasies into realities. It spoke of a traveling salesman that would post up in the back of different magic shops once a month and sell the means to accomplish the impossible. One would only need to know where to look. The other users and I were skeptical but we devised a system to alert each other if we ever came across the salesman. It took about a month until I received a mass text telling me a sale was going on three hours away. I told the boss I was sick and hit the rode after lunch. I broke the speed limit all the way, excited but not knowing what to expect when I got there.

Chapter 3

I was intrigued by the different sizes and shapes of the bottles littering the shelves. Oddly enough what surprised surprised me the most was the amount and variety of "potions" available. Liquids for straight, white teeth and clear skin. Potions to change eye and hair color. Small cosmetic potions for hair length, ear size and nose size. There were even some for foot and hand size. From there the bottles started getting bigger and more elaborate. Potions to make a woman taller or shorter. Potions to increase bust size, or butt size. Liquids that promised an instant beer gut or wider hips. Finally, locked in a glass case were the tallest most magnificent bottles on display. They were each about as tall as a 2 liter and were shaped in different sof curved lines, like an abstract representation of a woman's body. As I stood, staring in awe at the case but before I could read the small labels, a man next to me whispered, "those are combos. THey do multiple things at once and make it look more natural. They're the most expensive, but its worth it. I leaned closer to the case to get a better look at the descriptions. My heart was racing at the imagery they evoked. The first bottle was kind of thick and bulged out in a big round curve towards the center. It's title was "False Maternity," and the descriptions stated; gives the engorged breasts, wide hips, and taught swollen stomach of a woman 9 months pregnant with triplets. Note: Does not cause real pregnancy, but does inhibit it. Reverse potion required if pregnancy desired." The next bottle I could guess at before even reading the description. It was dark blue and the soft curves tapered in towards the center. "The Perfect Hourglass: Gives the recipient a larger bust, thighs, hips and butt as well as thins the waist. Note: Degree of change is proportional to amount of solution consumed. For less extreme results, only consume a fraction." That description really got my blood pumping but it was the next one took my breath away, because it was everything I was looking for. The bottle was a soft green with a golden hue. It's curve flared out towards out towards the bottom, hitting its widest point towards the lower middle. "The Pear: Significantly increases width of recipients hips. Enlarges all portions of the lower body from feet to lower stomach. Note: Size of butt does increase, but for a more protruding back side consider the 'bubble butt combo enhancer'." I did not need to look any farther, no matter what the cost, I would find a way to buy that bottle.

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Akwolfgrl13 7 years
Very interesting
Bobbyfad 11 years
I like the start, slow enough for a story like this. Maybe make the potion's effects not happen too quickly?