Chapter 1

Lex Leer had pretty much every privilege a guys could ask for. He had money, influence, opportunity, family, and basically guaranteed acceptance into any ivy league he had his heart set on. And if that weren’t enough he had a flawless body. 6’2, 210 pounds of cut muscle that perfectly filled out his tall slender frame. He had deep green eyes that stood out brilliantly against his tan white skin and dark black hair. From head to toe he was the perfect man rugged shapely face, button nose, chiseled jaw, rounded chest, tight abs and great slender thighs that always looked good in the tight pants he wore. The only perhaps flaw Lex has was that his ass fell into the classic white guy profile of being flat and practically non-existent, but all the tail he was getting suggested that it wasn’t that big of a downside.

Lex was sort of expected to have the perfect body. He came from a family of fitness junkies and health nuts that were and are the face of his families company Leer Fitness. Lex’s family essentially owned half of the gym market in southern California and used the money they got to give Lex and his two older brothers anything they wanted. 3 boys growing up with a mentality like that was bound to screw with their head…. and is probably why his eldest brother Dan just totaled his fifth Lamborghini and their other brother Corey just got fired from yet another modeling job for never bothering to show up on time. Lex however could be considered the good seed of the family. He had just graduated from the best private high school on the west coast with an A- average and finished out a perfect season as the Lions star quarterback for the second year in a row. He essentially ruled the school.

Lex wasn’t really a mean person, he was actually quite nice to everyone around him just a little arrogant when it came to his appearance and charm and no real sense of how people are feeling. So when his long time best friend Pete came up to him over summer and said that Sarah had dumped him, Lex replied “ its probably because she got tired of that spare tire you got growing there.” And it was true Pete had put on a few pounds since the beginning of their senior year. With the stress of tests, tuition, and college apps Pete had to quit water polo and went from the solid 195 pounds he was last summer to the cubby 220 he was sporting today. But even though it was true Pete wasn’t exactly thrilled everyone could tell. “Is It really that noticeable?!” Pete said with a quiver in his voice. “Only to people with eyes” Lex sarcastically replied, “Did you think your Yale sweatshirt would hide that belly you got going on there? I mean you haven’t even started there yet and you have already put on the freshman 15 or is it more like 30!”

Oh “SHUT UP!” Pete replied in a joking yet clearly annoyed tone, “I wasn’t able to spend the whole year at the Gym like you were. I had schoolwork, and my job, and volunteer work, not to mention college apps and internships. Plus the Gyms really expensive and I need to save for college.”

“Oh come off it Petey” Lex said, “ I did everything you did plus go to the gym 3 nights a week and football 6. And what do you mean the Gyms expensive I gave you a free pass stupid! Your just making up excuses instead of trying to get a handle of this. And speaking of handles…” (Lex grabs Pete’s little love handles and gives them a little shake).

“Cut it out!” Pete yelled as he pulled away from Lex, “It’s not that bad, I can still wear all my old clothes and fit into my water polo uniform!”

“God who would wana see that,” Lex said as he begun to imagine Pete half naked squeezed into his tiny speedo uniform. (Lex began to get a little hard at the thought and quickly changed the subject.) “So what are you going to do about it Petey?”

“I don’t know” he replied, “I guess I got to do something before college starts or this might really get out of hand” … ehh “I hate to break it to ya Petey, but it kinda already has” Lex said as he pointed to the missing button on Pete’s Levi’s. “God Dammit”, Pete said as he lifted up his shirt to get a better look, “These were my last pair!” Lex couldn’t take his eyes off his friends newly exposed stomach. He could really see the damage a year of no exercise had done to his friend. Lex was hooked. His eyes flowed down his friend’s lightly haired torso down the smooth curve of his friend’s stomach and settled right where his stomach ripped through the jeans clasp. It was weird. Lex has seen plenty of men showering naked before after football practice. Fit, in shape men who took care of their bodies, but he had never felt like he did now staring at the crest of flab dripping off of his friends stomach. He was mesmerized by Pete’s belly and how it ever so slightly rolled over the edge of his jeans, getting marked with the indentations of the superfluous belt Pete had hanging from his belt loops. Lex was raging hard and subconsciously began rubbing his crotch, but snapped out of his trans before Pete could notice. Uncomfortable and a little confused Lex shouted at Pete and told him he would be by at 6am the next morning to start training Pete back into shape. Without even waiting for a reply Lex abruptly turned around and headed back to his BMW thinking about what just happened.
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Aquarius64 6 years
You need to finish this story.
But for future reference barley is a grain that is harvested in the autumn. Barely is the word that means hardly. Sorry to mention it but I find incorrect spelling distracting... barley makes me think of barley sugars... an
Fatvic 12 years
dude this is awsome, really can not wait for the next chpts... You are an amazing writer! Thanks for a really good story
Feedfig 12 years
I'm loving it. Gotta feel bad for Lex. Lol. Hope he comes to terms with himself soon. Please continue really soon!
Dragunzar 12 years
Good story, lose the brackets though.\r\n\r\nlooking forward to moar!
Feedfig 12 years
I can't really think of anything to improve it except more of it, please! smiley