Pig play contract

Chapter 1

Pig Contract

This contract is meant to lay out and define some of the rules and expectations in the relationship between the slave (heretofore referred to as ‘the sow’) and her Owner. Whether the sow is female, male, or transgendered, she will be considered a female pig. For the purposes of this relationship, the sow is to become chattel and will be the Owner’s property in all ways. She will not be her Owner’s girlfriend or lover; she will be livestock or, at best, a pet. She will have no rights to privacy or property, in fact no rights at all beyond the expectation of suitable shelter, food, and medical care. Any others rights may be granted by her Owner at will, but may also be taken away without warning.

This contract is not meant to cover all of the details in the day to day lifestyle of the parties. It is primarily meant to focus on the pig play aspect of the relationship. Pig play can entail many different styles of play, but these styles are unified by several factors: humiliation and degradation, treatment of the sow as a pig, and weight gain by the sow in the manner befitting a pig. The degree of immersion and intensity of play will vary depending on what the parties agree upon. It could include anything from occasional costuming and piggish behavior, or having to remain naked and eat from a trough much of the time, or even being treated entirely as an animal at all times. The specifics should be agreed upon before the sow should consent to the contract.

The contract is not legally binding and the sow is free to leave at any time, but doing so without permission would break the trust and might also involve financial or other penalties not set forth in this document. The Owner is free to release the sow at any time without penalty.


Clothing should be strictly controlled by the sow’s Owner. In general, a pig may be kept naked while indoors, to leave her exposed and mindful of her status. Nudity is not a requirement, however. She could be expected to wear anything from underwear to bikinis or swimsuits to regular clothes, depending on the whims of her Owner. If regular clothes are allowed, these clothes (be they dresses, pants, tops, sweatsuits, etc) should consist of elastic materials that hug the sow snugly. She should never be allowed loose, voluminous clothing, as her plump figure, rolls, and curves should always be clearly visible through her clothes. Her clothing should be in shades of pink whenever possible, as pink is the traditional color of a pig. Hosiery, if allowed, should be plain pantyhose or simple knee-highs, but no stockings or garter belts – that would be too fancy and inappropriate for a pig. Otherwise, she should be kept barefoot while indoors (with exceptions for cold weather). The sow should never be allowed to wear fancy, expensive clothes or lingerie. Articles should be inexpensive, basic, even frumpy, and underwear should be plain, non erotic, and utilitarian. The sow is not intended to feel pride her appearance.

Clothing will be allowed if the sow is taken outside the home, unless her Owner lives in a secluded, private area. If the sow is kept nude, her outdoor clothing should be kept as simple as possible - a single item of clothing to conceal her nudity - such as a simple muumuu or plain dress and no bra or panties. She will only put on this dress just before leaving the house, and will remove it immediately after returning home before doing anything else. If regular clothing is allowed, the same rules above still apply: the sow’s outdoor clothing should remain snug so as not to hide her fat figure from public view (though this shouldn’t be of a degree to compromise common sense public decency). The sow should remain barefoot even while outdoors, if she is simply going out to the yard (again, depending on the weather).

The Owner may provide her with as many or as few clothes as preferred; if the Owner decides a single pair of panties is a sufficient wardrobe for the sow, then that’s all she’ll have. If the Owner prefers to have a sloppy sow, she may be required to intentionally eat messily to create permanent food stains on her clothing, even if it is brand new. Stained clothes may or may not be required out of doors.
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Curvycaz 14 years
This is great!! Well done
14 years
Very nice contract set up.
Fatlilboy 14 years
LOVE the concept and creativity. I'd love to see a story based on the contract. Perhaps calling the story THE CONTRACT would add to its mystique.