Please pick me

Chapter 1 - simmering rage

Danielle and Theresa sat on opposite sides of their living room, shooting daggers at each other. Not a word was spoken, but both knew what the other was thinking about. Mike.

Mike had just moved into the apartment that the two girls lived in, and had quickly made himself right at home. He was popular among most of the residents in the building, but he had had the strongest effect on the two ladies. Both of them had fallen for him as soon as he had dropped by to introduce himself. The girls were enamored by his boyish grin and striking features. Since then, he had become a fixture in their apartment.

From the beginning, it was obvious that the girls were interested in him, but it seemed as though he could not make up his mind about which girl he liked better. The pair were constantly in a game of one-upping each other, and at times it looked as though he were enjoying the game these two were playing.

The girls had noticed each other's machinations, but nothing had been said until that day. Well, maybe said is a bad term to use. Their argument had devolved into a catfight, with hair pulling and scratching. There had been no winner to the fight, and now the two were nursing their wounds, unwilling to put forth any apologies.

Danielle decided to break the silence. "Look, we won't get anywhere with this if we both keep trying for him."

Theresa glared at her. "Fine then, just stop going for him and we can finish this."

Danielle scoffed. "Yeah, right, like I am going to do that. Get real. You and I both know he is going to pick me anyway. You quit it."

"As if."

The girls glared at each other again, then Danielle stood and stomped off to her room. Theresa heard the door slam, then put her head in her hands. She was tired of Danielle stealing every great guy from under her nose. The duo had been best friends since grade school. Danielle had been one of the most popular girls, while Theresa, admittedly more gifted in the looks department, had taken a supporting role in regards to what Danielle wanted to do.

How she wanted, just once, for a guy to pick her. But what could she do?
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Jazzman 12 years
Your pacing is perfect! Astounding story! smiley
Kamina 12 years
I'm stopped at part 8 and the war is just beginning I sense...
Gary1627 12 years
Love the way this story is going and plenty more chapters to enjoy by the looks of things.
PatchM13 12 years
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I added a few more chapters, but I estimate I am only about halfway through this. I will keep adding more over the next few days. Hope you enjoy the direction it goes!
Jazzman 12 years
This is Terrific. I am almost guessing where it will go. And I like it! smiley
Debela 12 years
I hope you continue!
PatchM13 12 years
Will be putting more up tomorrow. Trust me, this story still has a long way to go before it is over...