Chapter 1 - rachel

Rachel at the age of 14 had a problem, she had always been a slim girl and was used to running medium distance races semi-seriously. She loved the thrill of the competition and the way that she could use her long stride to beat most of the challengers, since she had started running at the age of 11 she had found it a total breeze, the miles stacked up and she was never happier than when she was running.
The problem lay in the fact that at 14 she could no longer compete seriously, ever since puberty had kicked in she found it increasingly difficult to run. Along with the associated growing pains, she had developed far more than her athletic peers, before long she was forced to give up running other than for her morning jog.

Rachel gave up her morning jog soon after her 16th birthday and coupled with her friend's new found love of alcohol she completely stopped exercising. Shortly after this her figure started to change also, she filled out quite substantially and instead of her gangly, athletic build she acquired a very feminine physique. Her hips flared, her face softened and her arse became a thing of wonder, something she was very proud about. Rachel fell deeply in love with her new figure, it being substantially different from anything she had been used to before. In particular she was obsessed with her breasts (as were most of the boys she knew); during the last few months of her running they had been large on her scrawny frame, a 32 C to be precise. After her 16th birthday they had grown to require a DD bra. Rachel was well equipped and she knew it. At 16 she got a part-time job in Top Shop and spent her money on two things, new clothes and booze.

One evening on her way home from a local youth group, where Rachel helped out with the younger kids, her friends were talking about having kids. Fran, who was older than Rachel by a year and very headstrong, summed up her thoughts on the matter. Rich had sat as the only boy in the group listening to the conversation in total wonder as the girls described quite graphically all the detail involved in child birth,
"I wish I had bigger boobs, getting pregnant would be great for that, but I wouldn't want the whole baby issue" Rachel absently mindedly piped in with a line that made Rich's ears prick up. Fran was taken aback, Rachel already by far the bustiest of the group wanted larger breasts than she already had?

Over the coming months people noticed a change in Rachel, she became more withdrawn and quieter, she quickly gained a substantial amount of weight. Going from a size 8 to a size 12, yet she still looked stunning. She looked fantastic, jaw dropping, and her clothing now emphasised her now enormous breasts straining at a 34E. Her waist thickened and her arse developed into a proper bubble. Rachel as a typical teen loved to party, but being too young to get into bars this was limited to house parties and all those glorious things associated with these. At one of these parties Rich noticed how much Rachel was drinking; it was a lot, far more than anyone else. Rachel was all over the place, one of Rich's best mates was a very handsome devil, Jack was half Brazilian and quite well toned. Rachel stumbled out of the sitting room and ran into Jack in the hallway, she lunged at him, kissed him and took her top off, giggling she lifted one breast with her hand and placed her nipple in her mouth and cradled her growing abdomen. Taking him by the hand she led him up the stairs and locked the door of one of the upstairs bedrooms. 5 minutes later Rachel came running out, half dressed screaming "Rape! Rape!" needless to say the Rachel's party ended shortly after that. Rich being a kindly soul and living only a few minutes walk from Rachel offered to walk her home. The offer was gladly accepted, Rachel took Rich's hand and they left. The walk was a revealing one, not because of a repeat of Rachel's earlier antics but because she really opened up to Rich. It became clear that Rachel was going through some serious problems at home, she had found a stash of love notes from her Dad's gay lover and her Mum had found out.

When they got to Rachel's doorstep, they hugged and she thanked Rich for listening to her problems. Rich saw her pretty much everyday for the rest of the summer and they were very content spending time together. However shortly after this started, Rich had to leave to go for his first year at university. They spent time talking over MSN but she never came to visit. Rachel told Rich many a time that she was lonely and struggling to keep friends or make new ones and that she missed him dearly. But Rich was lost in a new world of headiness and socializing. When he came back from Uni the next summer it took them a couple of weeks for them to meet up, despite it being the only thing either of them could talk about.

One Saturday afternoon they arranged to meet and have lunch then sit about in the park drinking while they thought of something better to do. Rich arrived first at the Sushi bar and was ushered to a table by the petite oriental waitress. After waiting five minutes Rachel turned up, but boy was Rich in for a surprise. It was clear that Rachel had been comfort eating for the past year, She was wearing the most ridiculously revealing skirt showing off her chubby thighs and a bright green low-cut top that was struggling to contain her bust, she was spilling out of the top and Rich could see that she had far surpassed the 34E bra she was using before he went away and her untoned belly jiggled ever so slightly as she walked. As she walked over her full hips swayed from side to side and her smile grew exponentially the closer she got to the table. As the Waitress pulled out a chair for Rachel, Rich watched as Rachel bent over to kiss him on the cheek, her breasts were spilling out of the t-shirt and inside the amount of cleavage on display could easily of contained a small dog, each fleshy orb was the size of her head and milky white without a hint of vein or blemish. Her full lips brushed the side of his cheek, leaving him in a bit of a flutter and her perfume smelt absolutely divine.

Lunch went very smoothly for Rachel, she enjoyed the sushi and made satisfying noises while eating it. Several times she had to adjust her top as her breasts threatened to spill out. She watched Rich as he uncomfortably squirmed through his meal, seeing him had reminded her of why she had been saving herself for Rich's return, her plan seemed to be working. After lunch was finished she persuaded Rich to buy more alcohol than they could possibly drink and they wandered into one of the local parks. It was a beautiful day in the park, warm but not humid and conducive to laziness. Rich found a shady spot under a tree which was far enough away from others they could smoke a cheeky joint. A few beers later the two of them had succumbed to the day's heat, and fallen asleep on each other, both with chesire cat style grins on their faces. Rachel was first to wake, taking stock of her surroundings she found Rich's groin and gave it an experimental squeeze, what she felt pleased her. Her squeeze caused her a reaction as Rich sighed a little in his sleep, she still felt really warm due to being a little bit sun burnt, so she removed her green top and placed it on top of Rich's stomach, rumpled it a bit then used it as a pillow, wrapping her arms around the sleepy torso she preceded to nap again.
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Sparkle 12 years
This is really good smiley
Jambolio 12 years
I added the rest of what exists already. I'll see if I can write some more at some point.
Juicy 12 years
Did you notice that the whole thing didn't paste in? It ends like this: 'her pale skin had slightly ta' I'm sure that's not intentional--is it?
Gary1627 12 years
Knowing you I expected this to be good and it is, but you can't leave it unfinished.
FrecherTyp 12 years
;-)\r\nthat was very seductive and sexy and even romantic i soo lked that ^^ \r\nthanks!
FrecherTyp 12 years
;-)\r\nthat was very seductive and sexy and even romantic i soo lked that ^^ \r\nthanks!