Riley's escape

chapter 1

Riley woke up, another day in "paradise." The master found this little pun to be funny. It truly was his paradise. The master was in his early 40s, and many rumored he was an heir and very rich. He had black hair and was devilishly handsome. He ran and seemingly owned the facility she was trapped in. All of the girls here had been taken from their families or groups they were with on vacation. They ranged from 18 to 25, and nobody knew about this place. Nobody even knew this island existed. Makawi'i, it was called. Riley called it the lost Hawaiian Island. One day, she had been sunbathing in her fit, 5' 2" 125 pound body on the beach and the next morning she had woken up here. She wasn't the only girl. The complex was large, and she estimated there were about 20 other girls here. A few were very large, and you'd only seem them out on occasion. Two were completely bed bound. Riley, herself, during here 3 months here, had gone from a muscular 125 pound former soccer player to a 240 pound fatty. One couldn't help it. The food here was laced with fattening compounds. If you wanted to not starve, you gained weight.

At only 5'2", Riley felt and looked huge at 240 pounds. She lied in bed, and saw the master looking at her. She gave him the finger. He ordered she be force fed and immediately two Hawaiian orderlies, both male, came into her room and forced her to eat 6 fat laced donuts. She felt her stomach growl and digest the fat. Riley decided it wasn't in her best interest to give the master any attitude, and she decided to cooperate. Every day, he would walk with her and have her discuss life with him. Although she hated him, he was very charismatic and even though she was only 21 she was slightly attracted to him. She sat up in her bed, feeling her large stomach hang down on her thighs. It was puffed out from the donuts and had 3 distinct rolls. Riley was a health freak and her growing body disturbed her. She imagined her blood pressure was through the roof. She scooted her feet off the bed and let her little fat feet rest on the floor. She had little chubby toes, and thick calves which had grown immensely since she first arrived. Her thighs were massive and squished against each other, and her white stomach hung over it in this sitting position. Her breasts, only BB's before she was abducted, were now stretch mark riddled DD's. Even her arms where fat, with dimpled fingers and she had a pronounced double chin. She stood up, exhaling heavily. She just felt fat and out of shape on her feet. This secretly excited her. She had always been a closet fat lover, and loved to go to the beach to see all of the fat tourists. She was fatter than any of them now. She waddled toward the door the master was standing behind, completely naked. Her stomach covered the top of her young, tight vagina, and her fat little toes splayed on the cold smooth floor from the weight of her massive 240lb body. Her breasts jiggled and quaked as she walked, and with nothing containing them they pulled rather uncomfortably on her back. Her big legs plumped past each other, tan from being out in the Hawaiian sun every day.
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