Round boy

Chapter 1

For as long as I remember, I have always been fit. Everybody tells me my body is amazing. I'm 23 years old, 6'4, 200 pounds of pure muscle, and a hairy chest. Let's face it, I'm a jock.

I'm gay and all my family and friends know. None of them seem to care. I've been on dates, had the occasional boyfriend, but none of my relationships seemed to last longer than a few weeks. They were all like me, not an ounce of fat on them, always wanted to workout and fuck. I wanted more than that, I wanted a relationship. I wanted someone to spend the rest of my days with. Yes, sex is a large part of my ideal relationship, but it isn’t everything. I also came to the conclusion that I really wasn’t attracted to guys who looked like I do. Actually, I realized that I was truly attracted to men who were the complete opposite of me; men who are extremely fat. There is something really sexy about a fat man who enjoys being fat, especially if he wants to get fatter. I want nothing more than to stuff a guy with food until he can fit anything else in, and then feed him some more. But where would I find a guy like that? Certainly not where I live, there are only jocks and “gym-aholics” around here. I didn’t think I would have any luck finding my dream guy without traveling somewhere else.

That luck changed the day I went into the local bakery to get a cake for my mom's birthday. The store had no customers except for me. He was standing behind the counter in a shirt that seemed too tight around his belly, with an apron that couldn't be tied around him. He had to have been at least 400 pounds. His belly was so amazing, perfectly round and soft. He had black hair, a clean-shaven young-looking face. He couldn’t be any older than I am.

He had his stomach resting on the counter when I went up to him to buy the cake. I was so intrigued by his size that all I could think about was taking his shirt off and feeling his fat with my bare hands. I wanted so badly to suck on his monstrous tits, feed him all of the cakes, donuts and other tasty treats I could find in the bakery. I wanted to make love to this large, handsome, flabby man.

"Hi, is this everything?" he asked me. I was still daydreaming about his body, so he had to repeat himself. “Umm, hello? Is this all you want to buy today sir?”

"Oh! Sorry. Yes, just the cake", I said. I was embarrassed, which is strange because I never get embarrassed. You could put me in the front of a stadium of people, naked and attempting to recite the Constitution backwards and I wouldn’t even blush. In front of this amazing specimen, however, I got redder than a cardinal.

I pay for my mom's birthday cake as quickly as I can without making eye contact and head to the door when he calls back to me, "You know, if you want, you can feel me up in the back room."

I was stunned. Was I really THAT obvious? Maybe…

I turn and look at him, but he wasn't behind the counter anymore, he was walking into the back room.
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Balloon 12 years
Please do continue!
Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Love this. Pleas write more.
Feedfig 12 years
Yum yum! More please! I really like this. A jock stud and dough boy together is crazy hot. You definitely need to continue this. smiley