Skinny alex pt ii

Chapter 1

Lily had to go back to work, and after a long kiss – during which she subtly traced his expanded stomach with her hands – she headed off as he tried to review just how much he’d eaten.

“Crap! I must’ve gone crazy with the strawberries or something,” she’d said when the blender turned out to have twice as much as they were used to sharing between the two of them. “Well, I don’t want this to go to waste with the way fruit costs these days – we’ll just have a little extra to drink today.” But after a few bites of her salad and a few sips of her smoothie, Lily began complaining of a strange (and fictional) stomach pain and ended up persuading the reluctant Alex to try and drink what amounted to four servings of smoothie.

Alex didn’t have to count calories, but Lily did – in her family, people didn’t gain weight too easily, but despite diet and exercise most of them were never able to lose any pounds added, so she was understandably playing it safe. Not that she was hard-bodied; though she looked petite clothed, Alex was well aware of a lovely, soft layer of pudge spread lightly over her belly, butt, thighs, and hips, which they both enjoyed and which she was careful not to let get out of control.

So with her calorie-consciousness Lily knew that the average count of the smoothies she normally made tended towards 200 calories – not ideal, but fairly low. She also knew that the two servings of Naturade weight gain powder she’d added had 745 calories each, and that the two tablespoons of sugar she’d added were 100 calories each. So she was narrowly avoiding a nightmare of extra sugars in her system when she stopped after a few sips of her own – each glass of the drink contained nearly 622.50 calories!

Lily, ever the mathematical one, had done the calculations in her head as she was persuading Alex through the third glass. 622.5 times three minus about seventy calories for the first few sips I had... She nearly froze as the number came to her – Seventeen-hundred ninety-seven-point-five calories! She saw the number in her head: 1797.5. Her stomach dropped and her breathing became quick and shallow – Alex would’ve asked what was wrong if he hadn't been so preoccupied with the pain in his stomach. Lily caught herself quickly and continued encouraging him – “honey, it’s just a few more sips,” “come on, skinny-pants, it can’t hurt you and your monster metabolism” – until he finished the third glass, his stomach close to bursting and her panties near to soaking. Another voice inside of her argued otherwise.

He pushed away from the table and she undid his belt. Alex’s belly surged forward against his 28-inch waisted jeans, and he nudged Lily’s fingers out of the way to undo his painful tight pants. A second surge followed as he moaned a sigh of relief – not noticing the sigh his girlfriend was releasing at the same moment. It took all of her willpower to make it to work on time – she’d already rinsed most of the dishes to keep him off his feet, thankfully. But she managed to act normal and chipper despite the incredible sense of power and arousal she possessed and, after kissing him quickly shepherded him off to bed, having convinced him in his food-induced delirium that his stomach was acting up and that he should put off his work till later.

She thanked her lucky stars that Alex’s high metabolism had made his stomach amenable to stretching – it was already used to large binges here and there. As she headed out the door, she calculated.

500 calories per two servings of pancakes with butter and syrup, times three for six pancakes, plus... While her body remained tense with arousal, quickening her breaths, her mind remained fixated on the numbers game she was playing with the man she loved, and her sense of power – and excitement – grew. ...two eggs at a hundred calories each plus 60 calories for each serving of melted feta added to the initial sum of...

If Alex had known what was happening at that moment, he would have greatly regretted his attraction to smart women.

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FrecherTyp 15 years
oh please go on fast i love it so ...
can´t wait for all your next nice evil installments hehe

good work ;-)