Soccer superstar

Chapter 1 - The Injury

The opponent defender slid in for the tackle, and Kate fell to the ground. The sophomore season had just began, but the girl’s dreams seemed crushed as she laid there grasping her knee, rolling in pain. The trainer and coaches ran out onto the pitch to help Kate, who was lifted onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. Laying on the cot, the doctor announced the bad news, Kate had torn her ACL, and would never play soccer again.

Kate was a very attractive girl, with her strawberry blond hair that had the most perfect waves down below her shoulder and the hazel eyes that could attract the attention of the whole world. She was just below average height for a college coed at 5’ 3” and weighing 115, was very tone, yet rather skinny for a soccer star. The weight fell perfectly across her body, leading a well developed pair of 30B perky breast and fantastic hips and ass 32 inches around. Years of soccer had granted Kate much larger then average thighs that the image concerned girl despised, but also her rock hard abs, which she was very proud of. From head to toe, Kate’s body was nearly perfect, extremely well put together.

A week after the her accident during the opening game, Kate was out of surgery to repair the torn ACL, but was forced to remain in a wheelchair for at least the next month to allow the terrible injury to heal. This was terrible news to the young girl who liked to remain active. Obviously, she could no longer practice with her team, but it was the small things that really aggravated kate, like having to take the elevator to the her second story door room, or not being able to take the longer, but more scenic rout to class through the park. All of this added up to a lot less exercises, and an almost active-less lifestyle for Kate.

She continued to be on the sideline for every soccer practice and games, and remained close friends with the girls of the soccer, particularly Lianna, the team’s goalkeeper and also Kate’s roommate. The team typically ate launch together at the dinning hall, and Kate would always be their, eating helpings the same sizes at the rest of the team. Running many miles every day, and working hard on the practice field, the soccer girls worked up a hardy appetite and would bring a few pizzas back to the door, and Kate would splurge.

This drastic lifestyle change began to catch up to Kate. A week after being forced into her wheelchair, Kate hadn’t noticed anything, but her bra was feeling extremely tight, and her boobs were spilling out from all sides, producing a gaping cleavage that Kate just loved and the boys on her hall did too. Lianna had noticed the growth in Kate bust, and knew it had to be the first result from her change in lifestyle. Not minding her new boobs, Kate saw no need to change her eating habits and continued on just the same.
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FrecherTyp 13 years
heeh another very sexy story and very nicely written thanks for sharing :-)
Jazzman 13 years
I meant to say "Weightwatcher". The classic story was "My Athletic Friend". Your style of language is very similar. This story is fabulous! Keep going and stay realistic.
Tjpbeatles 13 years
a good start. more please
Jazzman 13 years
A very nice story. Reminds me of the classic "Weightwather" author from Germany. Please Continue.