Sport flu

Chapter 1

It was the middle of the summer. Hot, warm sun was hitting my face mercilessly, drops of sweat swelling on my forehead. I was sweating like a pig, and probably looked like one. The school yard was completely empty, which makes sense considering the fact it was summer's vacation. Only I, stupid moronic Olivia, had to come for sport class because I've got a failed mark.

And only I, stupid moronic Olivia, could ever mistake and come at the wrong day.

I felt humongous in my sport pats that cut into the flesh of my soft floating belly. Sweat was dripping from the back of my neck to the shirt that was a bit tighter then what I thought it will be and I wore it.

That was so lame. The next buss was supposed to come only in the afternoon. No one was anywhere. The entire school was so completely empty.

"I hate my life!" I shouted to the sun.

I haven't eaten that much in the morning, because I didn't feel like running after a big meal, but since I've got used to big meals, my belly was growling. I was so hungry, and it was making noises that made me blush and feel really happy that no one was there.

"Excuse me," someone tapped my shoulder.


I slowly turned around, glancing at the most handsome guy I've ever seen. He was so tall, I had the lift my head to look at him. Blond hair fell carelessly into his amazing gray eyes, two of them no less, when in the middle raised the most straight and well sculptured Greek nose. His full yet manly lips and the most perfect body finished off the image of a great Nordic god that came upon me to bless my simple body with the grace of his present.

"heh." I said.

"amm, yeah, is this Milkway high school?" he asked a bit awkwardly. I've swallowed my shame and tried to answer him.

"Why yes, yes it is, you are in Milkway girls only high school, which is very ironic considering the fact that you are a really…. Manly man."

My stomach gave a loud rumble of agreement and starvation. I thought I'm so very close to being buried alive, just because the earth itself couldn't bare the shame of this.

"wow, huh – right. Well, thank you. Are you a student? Don't you have a summer vacation right now?" his voice was very soft and pleasant from one hand, but it was also very annoyingly arrogant.

"I'm here for some make up class and test; I've got an F in my sport exams. I just got confused with the days." I've answered, and felt the way he was staring at me and at my fat middle, trapped in too tight clothes that were already soaked with sweat in some places.

"Well, I guess this is your lucky day." He said a bit coldly. "My name is Zack Penderfil, and I'm taking the job of mrs Harris next year." He took out a piece of paper from his pocket. "I just came to check the gym for tomorrow, but I guess I could also finish with you, so that you won't have to bother yourself again… it seems like it's taking a lot of effort from you." He said, looking at the dark circles under my armpits. I really hated my life.

"Wow, you're the new teacher?" I said, half disappointed and partly pleased. I thought he was around my age.

"That's right, and you must be… Olivia Sun?" he said, a slight smile on his lips. He was so gorgeous, teacher or not.

"How did you know?" I asked, amazed.

"Oh, Mrs. Harris told me a bit about all of you." He said, his smile seem a bit meaner. I was worried. Mrs. Harris really hated me, and sometimes even teased me with insulting names so that I'll get up and do some work. She was always pushing me around, which was one of the reasons I hated sport class.

My belly gave another growl of hunger as we went to the gym Zack stared at me, but didn't say a word.

"Let's start with a little warm up." He said as we got to the gym. "raise your arms to the sides and start turning your shoulders and waist to the left and to the right." I tried doing as he instructed, but it was a bit hard. My pants were digging into my flesh and hurting me. "Try harder." He said, insisting. "Ok, try to lie down and moving your legs to the left, while turning your upper body to the right."

That was also causing pain, but I've managed doing that. Not well enough, I guess, since after a while he came to me and started to correct the way my legs were. As soon as he started to press them down, the pain was impossible "aaaahh woooah!" I shouted. He looked at me with a sarcastic stare and I sniffed.

"you're hurting me!"

"It's not supposed to hurt; we haven't even started working out!" he said, a bit annoyed.

My belly growled again, and this time he really stared at it. To my embarrassment during his adjustments my shirt rolled up and exposed it. I felt utterly shoucked as Zack slipped when finger under the tight rubber of my pant, moving it gently where it hurt the most, and then looked at it in a weird expression on his face.

"well," he said "if you are wear such a tight pants, obviously everything will hurt you." He said, pulling my pants down my stomach to show me the angry raw red lines it dug inside of my white creamy flesh.

"Oh." I said. I haven't really thought of it.

He let his thumb touch at the red line gently. It was so cool and felt nice, even though a bit weird. He laid his hand on my stomach when another growl made it jiggle.

"Hungry, huh?" he asked. I've covered my face with both of my hands, and he got up, giving me a hand to help me get up. He was really strong, considering the fact he managed to actually help me. "come on, let's find a place to feed you. You won't get the exams today… not with these pants."

I moaned in desperation.

"Unless you want to make them without your pants?"

I looked at him, shocked "Aren't you a teacher?! You can't say that!"

He smiled and winked. I thought my heart is about to burst. "I'll treat you if you won't tell."

Oh, how could I resist?
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Thanks guys!
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What a wonderful image, the two of them in the restaurant, his hand on her...
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