The atomic marshmallow

chapter 1 first impression

Chapter 1: First Impression

Autumn Mars sat on the back deck of her luxurious home on the green bluffs towering above the quaint village of Fudoto, peacefully working through her... tenth, or maybe eleventh box of twinkies. Maybe twelfth. She lost count after five, and she didn't care anyway, it's not like she was getting full anytime soon. From up here she could admire the view, the setting sun casting its rays across the town and sky, the cherry trees rustling as their blossoms float in the wind. It really was a quite pleasant place, and on days like this it seemed like the sort of place where nothing could go wrong.
In the far off distance, she heard very faint voices. Screaming voices.
Her cream-filled mouth froze mid-chew, then twisted into a scowl.
Far below, at the opposite end of Fudoto, she could just see a cloud of smoke rising above the local buildings. She sighed. Fudoto was the perfect image of a quiet small town, crime was virtually nonexistant, the closest thing the town had ever had to a supervillain was an eccentric-yet-harmless science teacher, and natural disasters were rarer here than most places.
There was, however, one thing that Fudoto had more than enough of, and that was giant monsters.
It fell upon Autumn Mars to get rid of them before they caused too much damage.
For, unbeknownst to the townfolk, Autumn Mars is actually THE ATOMIC MARSHMALLOW: GASTRONOMIC GARGANTUAN!
She rose from her seat... Okay, make that *tried* to rise from her seat (those twinkies must have weighed more than she thought). Then she tried again, and this time succeeded. With a flourish, she brought her hand to the mystic Plutonium crystal hanging from her neck, and using her amazing tokusatsu powers she instantly transformed from Autumn Mars, the big, fat and classy lady doctor living up in the bluffs, into THE ATOMIC MARSHMALLOW: GASTRONOMIC GARGANTUAN! Her normal clothes became a gleaming silver jumpsuit, with an adorable miniskirt, pink trim, knee high silver high-heeled boots, a mask across her eyes and a heart shaped opening showing her mystic Plutonium crystal (and her cleavage, but that was just icing on the cake).
She quickly made for her secret closet, containing her various superhero devices, and grabbed a rocket pack. As she returned to the deck, she realised she wasn't a moment too soon: a giant monster made of pork fried rice towered above the city below! In its hands the abomination held a tanker truck full of Monosodium Glutamate, and from its horrific maw erupted a roar that shuddered the shutters on AM's home.
Without a word, Atomic Marshmallow stepped atop the railing on her deck, then leapt forth for the ground a thousand feet below...

Next week on THE ATOMIC MARSHMALLOW: A giant monster made of pork fried rice? Sounds like just an appetizer to a superheroine like Atomic Marshmallow. NEXT EPISODE: MEETING THE SIDE DISH
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