Tartan nighmare (my first story)

Chapter 1

Alex sat on her bed, tugging at the pleated tartan skirt, urging the zipper to hold, begging the button to contain her unruly bulk. She took a final breath in, and made one last attempt to fasten the hideous tartan creation. It seemed that no matter how hard Alex tried, she could not breathe whilst wearing the skirt. She held her breath for as long as possible, and as she took a deep breath out, she could feel the material straining. The button tore from the skirt, gently hitting the bedroom’s window as her huge stomach oozed gently out, unzipping the zipper and coming to rest on her thighs. She sighed with a mixture of relief and dismay, her eyes welling up with tears. How was she supposed to go to school today? How was she going to face the taunts and jeers? The teachers scolding her for wearing stretch pants, which were obviously not part of the uniform at the prestigious school that she attended? She hauled out the black XXXL pants that her mother had bought her at Christmas. Her mother’s eyes had penetrated the baggy clothes Alex wore back home, gazing with disgust at what a doughy, soft butterball her daughter had become.

Alex had come to realization that she would never been a thin girl, but her heart ached when she went to order a new skirt at the uniform shop, only to find that she had exceeded the largest size they had, and would have to have one custom made in town. She purchased a roll of fabric from the mother in charge of the store, who had insisted on taking Alex’s measurements “to make sure there’s enough fabric, dear”.

The woman had come at her, urging her to remove the stretch pants. Alex did so begrudgingly, her stomach hanging low below her waistline. The woman, bearing a nametag that said Bronte, stood for a moment, staring at the mountain of uncovered flesh before her. Alex began to quiver slightly, her double chin jiggled slightly. She was attempting to suck in the softness of her stomach.

Bronte came at her with the measuring tape.

“Dear, there’s no point trying to hold in that stomach of yours. I know precisely how large you have become over the course of the school year. I have seen you eating cakes at lunchtime and avoiding sports to eat cheeseburgers” said Bronte.

Alex exhaled and as her stomach jutted forward, even she was surprised at just how much weight she had piled on. “Oh my!” explained Bronte, who had found that she had become more than a little exhilarated at the robust, achingly full stomach Alex possessed.

Bronte found the largest tape measure, and set to work on Alex’s measurements. “You are perhaps the fattest girl I have ever seen. Just look at the weight on you!” she stated. Alex grabbed the hand of Bronte mid-measurement, “Please, don’t tell the other girls that I am a pig!” she whispered. Bronte considered carefully what Alex was saying, realising that she had the upper hand. “Fine dear, but there are a few things that I want you to do for me, by way of payment for my silence” said Bronte, an evil grin on her face.

Alex was shocked at the request of Bronte, a local businesswoman and mother to two of her classmates. She blushed furiously, before dropping to all fours.

“I am a pig. I was born to eat as you can see by the amount of weight I have gained over the semester” Alex said.

She rolled over onto her side, her rolls enhanced. Alex removed her shirt and bra, her pendulous breasts spilling out, resting gently on her stomach. Bronte stared at Alex, feeling no sympathy for the massive hog that lay exposed before her. She slapped Alex hard, watching her flesh jiggle.

“You are the laziest, fattest girl I have seen come through this school. I’ve a right mind to weigh you, just to see how plump you have become” said Bronte, producing a scale. Alex, still awaiting the instructions of Bronte, said nothing. “Get up! That is if you still can haul yourself to all fours with all that pudge on you” shouted Bronte.

Alex, who was barely fit enough to get back onto all fours, wheezed and panted with exertion. Alex had avoided scales at all costs. She knew that last time she had measured herself she had weighed in the early 100’s [220 pounds]. She shook all over, moving slowly to the large scale provided, collapsing onto the steel platform. Bronte looked in disgust.
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GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Oh my... And this is all? I would love to see more. You are very talented at this kind of thing. Nice tension and descriptions. A nice blend of eroticiam and weight gain.
Rainb0wgurl 13 years
Definately will be at some point smiley
Dreambig 14 years
this is a great humiliation story. im delighting in pretending im Alex.
Maximum 14 years
Eh, a parent preying on a school kid? not my thing...
14 years
This is awesome! Please continue! smiley