The babysitter part ii

Chapter 1 - prologue

"Leah, come over here, one last picture of all the senior cheerleaders!" Stacy yelled out. "We need the captain for the photo!"
"Coming!" Leah shouted back as she ran over. A beautiful girl by any standards, Leah was of average height with a far above average body. A perfect hourglass figure, complimented by fair-sized, perky B-Cup breasts that she loved to show off.
Now at her high school graduation, Leah had her share of boyfriends over the last four years, but had just dumped her last one when she caught him with his tongue down Kayla's throat at the prom. This is why Leah "accidentally" kneed her as she climbed to the top of the photo-op pyramid the cheerleading squad had made for the parents with cameras. As they held the pose in front of the cameras' flashing, Stacy, as one of the people supporting Leah in the pyramid, thought she seemed a little harder to keep up than before. Then again, it was probably just her imagination.

After changing out of her gown, Leah was sitting in the passenger seat of her car wearing a white miniskirt and a tank top. You couldn't tell through her clothes, but where a couple months ago her stomach was flatter than a playing card, it now had a definite softness to it, even though it didn't yet stick out.
"Where do you want to eat at? We missed dinner and I'm not cooking this late," Leah's mom Emma asked from beyond the wheel.
"At this hour we don't have many choices. Let's just go to the first place that's open," she responded.
As it happened, that place was a McDonald's, which even so late at night still had six cars ahead of them in the drive through.
"What do you want dear?" Emma inquired of her daughter.
"Just a salad and small diet coke, please," Leah responded, as they moved up a car in line.
"Oh come on, that's it?"
"I have to watch my figure, mom!"
"What harm is one meal going to do? Plus you have the whole summer to eat healthy!" Emma reasoned, herself a thin woman with a svelte figure.
"Fine, get me whatever you're having then," Leah replied, giving in to one meal's worth of gluttony.
"Glad you're lightening up a bit honey," Emma said as they pulled up to the ordering window.
"Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?" the box inquired.
"Hi, I'll have 2 double quarter pounders with large fries and large chocolate shakes, please," Emma ordered.
"Will that be all for you tonight?" the box queried.
"Yes, thank you."
The box then told them the price as they pulled forward.
"Wow, mom, when you talked me into pigging out I didn't know you'd be feeding me the whole trough!" Leah, said, surprised at the volume of her mother's order.
"Oh, come on dear, I want to enjoy myself, and your consumption habits are not going to stand in my way." Emma retorted.
"All right, I'll eat your deep fried feast," Leah said, as they were handed their order.
Once out of the parking lot and back on the road, the intoxicating aroma of the fattening meal before her was too much for her tiny shred of willpower.
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