The body slave ii: at the office

  By T3a

Chapter 1 - 1 aftermath

The Body Slave II: At the Office

"5 minutes?!" Jack thought through his gorge-induced haze. Ugh, that will barely be enough time to recover.

He was still heaving in the kitchen chair eyeing the empty plates with revulsion, drenched in sweat. Lily had definitely taught him a lesson about submission. It's not just some kinky thing reserved for the bedroom, it was a lifestyle; a lifestyle that Jack still wasn't sure he was ready to commit to.

He heard the back door close forcefully and realized that Lily must have left the house to head to her job at the gym. Even though she wasn't there to watch him, Jack still felt anxious as he looked at his watch. The 5 minutres were up. He knew it was ridiculous (how would she know one way or the other?) but something in him was afraid of doing the wrong thing, even though Lily wasn't there to catch him.

He heaved his uncomfortable belly out of the chair and grabbed it as he staggered down the hall to the bedroom, thanking the heavens that the house only had one floor. He caught a glimpse of himself as he passed the large mirror over the dresser and was shocked!

Food stains on his shirt and face, 'other' stains on the crotch of his shorts, sweat stains under his arms and across his belly, which was still tight, round, and heavy as ever. He groaned at the mess and moved toward the shower. "I don't even look like a respectable guy anymore, he thought as he gingerly soaped his big round ball of a gut, what a mess I am!

He dressed, being careful to pull his belt down a little lower than usual, then set off the brave the traffic en route to the insurance office.

Jack noticed subtle differences on his trip to work that morning. The steering wheel seemed closer, the sides of the car tighter around the still-full beach ball that weighed heavily on his lap. The walk across the parking lot seemed longer, and the walk up the stairs seemed unbearable! Jack tried to calculate how many extra pounds of undigested food he was carrying around in his midsection, but gave up quickly; the number was too frightening.

Coming out of the stairwell and wiping a thin sheen of perspiration from his brow, Jack made his way to his cubicle. Was it his imagination, or were his coworkers looking at him a little differently this morning? Jack thought he could feel their eyes drawn to his bulging belly, which had somehow forced a button on his shirt open on the hike up the stairs.

Jack quickly sat down behind the privacy of his cubicle walls. I'm just imagining it, he told himself. He immersed himself in morning emails and phone calls, catching up after the weekend. Gradually, his strange feelings from the morning faded as he fell happily into his familiar morning routine.

Before he knew it, he was startled by a buzzing in his pocket. He drew his phone out to see Lily's number on the screen....he froze in terror....what time was it?! Frantically checked his watch: 9:45.

Jack practically broke out in a cold sweat. How could he have forgotten?! And What kind of bizarre punishment would this mistake have earned him? He quickly answered her call and tried to sound as meek as possible.


Lil y's voice cut like a razor frozen in the 7th circle of hell.

Slowly, calmly, she asked, "What time is it, slave?" knowing full well he knew he had screwed up.

Oh God, oh God. She was beyond pissed off at him. Jack's heart was beating so fast now. "9:45," he answered in almost a whisper.

"9:45 WHAT?" Her voice cracked into his ear like the whip stings she had laid on him that morning. Jack shivered.

"9:45, Mistress!"

"Better," she purred dangerously, but Jack didn't feel better at all.

"My slave did not follow his instructions. Does My slave think this is a game? That he can choose which directions to obey and which to ignore? Does My slave think his Mistress is just another person to be ignored?"

"No! No, Mistress!"

"My slave clearly doesn't have much respect for me if he chooses not to obey a simple instruction. My slave clearly is willful and undisciplined. This reflects poorly on his Mistress. What would the other Dommes in my old Dungeon group think if they knew I had a disrespectful slave?"

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" part of Jack's rational brain fought back against the terror Lily was instilling in him (jack, it's just your wife! No big deal, just relax!) but her voice had a hold on him, this new voice that he had never heard her use before that morning.

"My slave will be taught a lesson. Now. Stay in your seat." Lily hung up before Jack had time to process the command. What was going on? He felt terrible that he had let her down, and doubly terrible because he knew what huge trouble he would be in with her when he got home. So lost in his thoughts was Jack that he didn't even register the familiar, musical voice happily greeting Joan the receptionist down at the far end of the room.

Jack froze again and peered over the top of his cubicle, then slammed back down in his seat. Lily was in the office, and she was walking toward him down the rows of cubicles, smiling, with a giant paper bag in her arms.
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Yummy stuff!
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You haven’t posted a new story in years!??

I hope you do. You have some great talents.

And thanks for sharing them.
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oh that was genius ^^ ;-) love such feeding stories with love a nd a littel naughtiness hehe^^
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amazing, i love your detail, the articulation of her arousal. well done! two chubby thumbs up