The compromise

Chapter 1 - the convention

Dean looked around at the people attending the convention while the welcoming speaker continued his talk. Most of the same people were there, and he was starting to lose hope. This was his fourth year at the National Feeder/Feedee Convention, and he had not yet found a lady who was willing to let him feed her. When the speech was over and everyone left to mingle at the hotel bar, he looked at all the people excitedly talking. There was about an even split between men and women. The problem was that almost all of them wanted to be feeders. He watched the feeders he knew walk quickly between the circles of people. They would politely introduce themselves to the few new participants, and try to discover if they were feeders or feedees. Dean looked too, but soon was resigned to the fact that he was out of luck again this year. He was at the bar when Kelly walked up and sat down beside him.

"Looks like slim pickings again this year, no pun intended," said Kelly, as she ordered a drink. "Sure is," replied Dean. Kelly and Dean had met at the first convention. After exploring an initial attraction to each other, they discovered they both wanted to be feeders. The two hung around together anyway, pooling information about the other conventioneers in case one of them found a possible match for the other. "Look at that belly on Ken," said Kelly wistfully. "It's hard to believe that last year he looked like a stick in his swimsuit. Ann must have fed him really well." "She's not letting him out of her sight, either," replied Dean. "Whenever a woman approaches, Ann is right there, patting Ken's belly like a trophy and smiling from ear to ear." Kelly looked around and saw a lady enter the room. She tapped Dean on the shoulder. "Look who just arrived," she said. Dean looked over and saw Jan, with Greg right behind her. "Oh my Lord!" exclaimed Dean. "I thought Jan was a feeder!" "Looks like Greg changed her mind about that," said Kelly. "Look at the size of those hips! No size 6 for her this year," she said.

Dean turned to face Kelly and smiled playfully. "How about you?" he asked. "I could feed you until you wouldn't be able to fit Jan's pants over your thighs." Kelly laughed and grabbed Deans' hand before he could pat her on the rump again. "I'm a size 5 now, and I will always be a size 5. You couldn't fatten me if you tried," she said. "What about you?" she said jokingly. "I could put a belly on you so big that by next year Ken would look skinny again." "You couldn't fatten me with all the pastries in the world," replied Dean laughing. Their laughter continued for awhile. After a few seconds, it seemed to change into a forced chuckle. They both nervously turned back to their drinks, and spent the rest of the evening talking about other things and discussing the people at the convention.

Later that night as Dean lay in his bed, he thought about what Kelly had suggested. She was a fantastic lady, and he always had a good time when they were together. It wouldn't be so bad to be on the receiving end if a wonderful lady like Kelly was doing the feeding. In her own room, Kelly looked at herself in the mirror and tried to imagine what her body would look like after Dean had fed her for a few months. She wouldn't mind being fattened by a handsome man who would take care of her every need.

The next day, Dean made it a point to talk with Ken and the other male feedees at the convention to find out what it was like to be fed. "It's incredible," said Ken. "Here you are being fed huge quantities of delicious food by a woman you love, and you know she is doing the one thing that gives her the most enjoyment in the world. You want to eat a little more each meal, just to make her happy, and you feel proud as you see the new soft rolls appear on your belly. Ann and I are partners, trying to create a beautiful fat body. Every time I pop a button or burst through my pants, I feel like I've reached a milestone, and Ann smiles for hours. We both love the weekly weigh-in and measuring sessions. We plan together and celebrate together. The sex is fantastic, and it keeps getting better the fatter I get."

Meanwhile, Kelly found herself talking to Jan. "What made you change your mind?" she asked. "Greg convinced me to let him try feeding me for just one meal right after last years' convention. As he fed me, I felt myself becoming more and more aroused. He was in heaven, and you could tell he was getting excited as he watched my belly round out with the huge amount of food I was eating. By the time I had finished dessert, I could hardly move, and was so excited I could barely keep my hands off him. Greg felt the same way. When we made love that night, it was fantastic. He was so gentle and tender. He constantly caressed my bloated tummy, and treated me like a queen. As my feeding progressed over the next months, he was constantly praising my growth, and loved me more as I grew. Although I have lost some mobility, I now can wrap Greg around my little finger. If I put on a pair of tight shorts or some spandex leotards, he gets so excited he will do about anything I want. I am now cared for by the most wonderful man in the world, and I am savoring every minute of it. With every pound I gain, he is more caring and affectionate. My goal is to grow as fat as possible. If I do that, I will be the happiest woman in the world, and Greg will be the happiest man."

Sunday afternoon as the convention was breaking up, Kelly and Dean got together for a drink in the hotel bar. They sat near the hotel exit, and said goodbye to other friends leaving to return home. As they sat at the table, thinking their own thoughts, each turned to the other and simultaneously started to speak. They smiled at each other. "You go first," said Dean. Kelly gathered her courage and spoke. "You live in Chicago, right?" she asked. "Sure," said Dean. "I live only about 10 miles from you." "I was thinking about what you said about fattening me up," she said. "This may be crazy, but if your willing, I would agree to be fed for one meal only with one condition." Dean's face broke into a big smile. "And what is this condition?" he asked. "That I get to feed you a meal the next night," said Kelly slyly. Dean and Kelly stared at each other while they considered the proposal. Then big smiles appeared on their faces. "I think I can agree to that," said Dean. "I was thinking almost the same thing myself." They excitedly exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Kelly was to be at Dean's house Friday night, while Kelly would be the hostess at her apartment Saturday night. As they left the bar to return home, Dean said, "Wear some bicycle shorts and a halter top on Friday. I want to see you burst out of them as I fatten you up." Kelly laughed to hide her excitement. "And I want you to wear just your gym shorts on Saturday. That way I'll see that belly grow with each fattening bite I give you," she answered. They waved to each other as they drove off.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Again, I return to this.

It gets better and better with age!
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
I love rereading this even after all these years. This is a masterpiece of mutual gain!
Littleextra 6 years
This one's lots of fun! Nicely done, bravo!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
This is a classic! Wonderful! I loved re-reading it! Very skilled at putting this together!
Gary1627 11 years
A timeless classic indeed, that as time passes gradually has a future ring of truth about it.
Snr6424 11 years
Ah yes, a timeless classic that never grows old. Always so happy to read one of your stories. smiley
Azerty 11 years
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oh such a lovingly story ^^ can i subscribe anywhere ;-)?