The perfect hog

Chapter 1

WARNING: as you’ll probably notice really soon, English is not my mother tongue, so forgive me for grammar mistakes. Corrections are much appreciated!

He look down knowing he wouldn’t like the sight. The scale topped at 175. He couldn’t believe he could gain 10 lbs in a week. The softness of his abdomen made him feel ashamed of how he gorged during the cruise: eating like a pig every day could not be without consequences. The truth was that every bite he took of every snack, cake or pie he had on his plate made him feel more and more aroused, particularly when his stomach was way beyond the point of saturation. Moreover, after the binge, he loved to sit on a chair at the pool’s side patting his swollen gut and falling asleep while digesting. This routine was really showing some effects on his otherwise slim frame. Slowly a thin layer of fat started to cover his belly. He realised how much weight he had put on only by the end of the vacation, when he couldn’t manage to button a pair of trousers that used to fit, Now he was back at home, looking at the mirror after he weighted himself. He tried to suck it in, but released his gut up after a few seconds. Then he tried something else…. He pushed his belly out and noted that he looked like he had swollen a basketball. “Damn, it’s huge!” he thought, but surprisingly he wasn’t ashamed anymore. Now he started to feel the same arousing sensation he had when he was overeating at the buffet: he became hungry almost instantly. He knew he had to go on a diet, but eventually decided he would have started only the next day; so he went to the kitchen and literally emptied the fridge, using ham and cheese to prepare some sandwiches. After the second one he was already full, but he continued to eat greedy the other five he prepared. Then he attacked the ice cream bowl. He was frightened of what was going on, but he simply couldn’t put a stop to this weird eating frenzy. The more he ate, the more he wanted to eat. Filling his stomach and seeing his belly pushing forward and forward was the most exciting experience he ever had in his life. When he finally finished the ice cream he stopped and took a pause to breath (and burp). He tried to stand up, but failed the first attempt, much to his surprise. He then managed to stand on his feet and waddled to the scale. He felt really heavy and unbalanced and noticed that now his gut almost impede him to read the numbers on the display. He leaned a bit and saw 179. “4 pounds of food in this soft silo. WOW”, he thought, caressing with love his stomach and licking away some ripples of ice cream that flowed on his fat folds. He saw his reflection on the mirror. His belly was even bigger then when he hold his breath a couple of minutes ago. He became stiff immediately. Then the bell rang.

“Damn, not Lucy!” he exclaimed, putting on the largest t-shirt he had, trying desperately to hide his swollen gut.

Lucy was his beloved girlfriend. They had been together for about 5 months, during which she tried to fulfil her dream of growing the perfect toy-hog. She met him at a office party and instantly realised he was the ideal candidate for her project. He was shy, introvert, and submissive. He left his home when he was 19, after arguing with his parents, which he never met again. He now was 28, and didn’t have many friends except for his colleagues; he didn’t have any career ambition or the desire of wealth. He was a lonely man who was only trying to live his life peacefully. After chatting with him for a couple of hours she invited him to have a coffee in her apartment, where she seduced him and “asked for some love”. He went crazy for her long, black hair and her pale skin, as much as she really liked his brown, short, messy hair and his deep eyes. But when she undressed him she faced the undeniable truth: she really had to work hard in order to turn his flat, skinny torso into a big, beautiful swollen balloon.

Unfortunately, despite all her efforts, he always refused to eat everything she prepared for him every dinner, claiming that he was already full and didn’t want to exceed because he often had stomach aches, and he didn’t want to become plump, and blah, blah, blah, always the same excuses she had already heard a hundred times. She recognised the signs that he loved to stuff himself (a couple of times she even saw his pubic area bulging a bit after a huge meal) , but he was too scared about other people’s judgement to put some serious weight on. So she was really thinking to end their relationship, and decided to speak to him after the cruise (he was awarded for his performance at work during the last year).

After less than a minute the door opened.

“Hi, honey”, he said.

“Hi, Michael”, she replied with no feelings. She then kissed him “One last time”, she thought. But when she went to his mouth, she felt that something changed in his body. His… belly! “Wow, look at it! It seems that someone have been feasting during the last week!”, she whispered in his ear while gently patting his tummy. He jumped back, trying to hide his torso as much as he could. He tried to suck his belly in, but failed miserably, only managing to make it even more evident after he popped the button of his jeans. She was in heaven. She didn’t like he idea of dumping him, because she started to like that strange, shy guy that always made love with the tenderness of a young teenager, but now she no longer had to: he finally showed a small improvement!

“S… sorry for that… it’s just that I… couldn’t control myself during the vacation… and… I promise I’ll slim down to my normal weight by the end of the week!”, he tried to explain really embarrassed. A tone of dark red coloured his face, which looked a bit plumper, not much, just a bit.

A huge smile appeared on her face. She loved the way he looked like a puppy when he wasn’t at ease.

“There’s no need to talk about diets; it was a vacation, it’s understandable, take your time. By the way, it seems you’re starving, aren’t you?”, she said staring at the leftovers on the table.

“Well, actually I….”

“Sit on the sofa and relax, while I’m preparing the dinner” she interrupted.
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MikeTehCakeBoy 9 years
This was hottt
Balloon 13 years
Very erotic story!
FrecherTyp 13 years
the start was nice although ....but you lost me in the end .....although interesting
thanks :-)
BeSoft 13 years
definitely mıre