Yes, sir! (part 2)

Chapter 1

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"God, why is it so hot around here?" was the first sentence that Daniel told her on his first day of duty in the unit. Natasha stared at him above the page that was full of drawings and scribbles. The hour was 9:13 AM, which means that he was late in one hour and 13 minutes. She watched him as he closed the door behind him, and took off his officer's coat, letting it fall on a near by desk. Then he turned around to look at her.

God, he was still beautiful.

Natasha had her doubt. She thought that her mind tricked her. It's impossible for someone to be so beautiful. Maybe she thought he would get a whole lot uglier in one night. Maybe she even hoped he will get a whole lot uglier in one night. But obviously, he didn't.

She glanced down immediately, feeling very hot herself suddenly. "Morning" she mumbled. "You are late."

"Augh." Was his intelligent and detailed comment. "Give me some slack. It's my first day around."

"I don't mind at all." Said Natasha. "Only next time, call me to say you are late. I'm supposed to be around only when you are here."

"Sure thing." He said in a low voice, and then yawned. "Do I have any appointments today?"

"Yes, you have one this afternoon." She glanced at the computer, trying to ignore the way her mouth felt so very dry. "And you should also interview me."

"I will," he said. "After you'll activate the air conditioner. And make me some coffee."

"Excuse me?" she said dryly. He gave her the most stunning smile she had ever seen.

"I have pastries!" he added in a seductive tone. Natasha pretended that she is not about to faint. She had to pretend really hard, though. She thought that for start, she probably need to quite hyperventilating.

15 minutes later, the two of them were at Daniel's new office. The air conditioning was freezing Natasha ("ah!" said Daniel "Finally, I can breath."), so she was wearing Daniel's coat. It was really tight on her, though. She felt the way her arms were squeezed into it, and she couldn't even dream of closing it. He didn't seem to notice, though. He was really happy about the coffee. She had no idea why. It was just a darned coffee.

She, on the other hand, made herself a big cup of sweet tea, and was eating a delicious big croissant, that was so full of sweet-half-melting milk chocolate, that it burst on her tongue with every bite.

"You like it?" asked Daniel above his coffee. "It's from a really good bakery on my street."

Natasha swallowed hard before she answered. "That's great!" she took a big sip of her tea, so that he won't expect her to say anything else. She feared she might say something really stupid, like "let's have sex!"

And then, all too quickly, she realized her cup of tea was empty – and the pastries plate as well. She didn't really see Daniel eat any himself. Could she just finish all of them herself? How embarrassing. "I am so sorry – " she mumbled, feeling the blush raising up in her cheeks. "I didn't even notice- "

Daniel looked at her questionably, and then on the empty plate. "Oh! Natasha, I am sorry, I forgot all about you diet!"

"My diet?" she wondered, and then remembered. "Oh yeah! My diet. Well, I guess it was worth a try. Oh well."

Without the hot tea next to her, she felt how much colder she gets with the air conditioning. Of course she didn't have her own coat – it was winter, but not that cold. "Do you mind if I'll close the air conditioning?" she asked at last, feeling her teeth chatter.

"But it was so hot in here before." He complained "just close my coat, it won't be that cold."

Huh! Thought Natasha. Easier said then done. She couldn't even bring the two sides of the zipper together, so to close it the whole way?

"Never mind…" she mumbled melancholically.

"Why?" asked Daniel, almost insulted. "It doesn't have any cuddies on it. I think."

Natasha gave a slight laughter. "aww, well, it's really not that – I can't really… there is something – " she got a bit redder. "Something with the zipper."

Daniel got up. "Let me see." He said, coming to her chair. Natasha swallowed really hard, and thought that she isn't cold at all. In fact, it was so hot she was about to be choked. Daniel bent on his knees, grabbing the two sides of the coat with strong hands. For that angle, he looked a bit like prince charming who ids about to propose to her. Only that he was holding his coat. Instead of a ring.

He gave some really hard pulls, bringing the two parts of the zipper together like in a miracle. It did seem like he was having troubles with it. Natasha licked her dry lips, praying he won't remark anything about her need in a diet.

But he didn't say anything. Instead, he clenched his jaw really hard, starting to zip the coat from bottom to the top. It was hard. Natasha tried really hard not to breath, but after a half of a minute got really dizzy and the damned thing almost flawed open on her lower belly. It was like wearing a really tight and thick corset. Only that it was a coat. Daniel held to the zipper like his life depended on it, like it was the most important task in his world – to prove her that there's nothing wrong with his coat.

Finally, the coat was zipped. Natasha looked at it, shocked, and felt like a really meaty sausage in a very tight cover. Daniel smiled, shaking his hands, a bit of sweat on his beautifully pale and high forehead.

"See?" he breathed. "No problem at all."

Natasha couldn't answer. She felt like she is about to explode very soon.

"I think I'll turn off the air conditioning, though" said Daniel. "It's really hot around here."

Natasha gave out a long moan, and felt both intimidated and relived as she heard a loud ripping sound from both of her sides. Daniel stared at her.

"Well," he said finally, after a long silence. "They just don't make coats like they used to, huh?"

"Yes" said Natasha heavily. "Yes, that's what I wanted to say."
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