Yes, sir!

Chapter 1 - First Chapter

Natasha was seemingly the type of shy-quiet kind of a girl. She never tried to be outstanding at anything. Actually, if she could ever become invisible, she would have considered this as a great relief. She was well mannered – not because she like to be well mannered and sweet to the people around her – but because that was just the easiest way to make people leave her alone.

The problem wasn't the fact that she didn't fit in – she fitted well, always, in any place you would throw her into. She could blend in every environment perfectly. During high school, she could just walk upon group of friends after another, and behave as if she knew them her entire life. No one felt something was wrong, until she would get distracted and the unavoidable question of "who the hell are you?" arrived.

But Natasha didn't like people.

She didn't want to join the military, but was too weary just from the thought of fighting hundreds of people to get away of it – and the military wanted her.

She got into one of the best, most secretive units – but she didn't get excited about that. She never wanted anything like it. Because of her lack of motivation, she ended up as a small secretary, for an old – nearly-retiring- officer. He had some really high ranks, and did a lot for his country. His new assistance was, well, assisting, but he didn't like her attitude.

From her point of view, Natasha didn't like anyone, so that was just fine with her.

Like most of the selected units, the military provided Natasha's unit one of the best catering. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: all were fresh, steaming, made of the best materials in the market – and of course, delicious. Natasha, bored from her work, from her commander and from her silent colleagues, found out she always excepting the next meal. Of course, it started to show after a while. Her body was getting softer, and her uniforms were getting a bit tight – and that meant a lot, consider the fact her uniforms were huge before. It didn't matter her that much, considering the fact she was really interested in anyone. She assumed that after her two years of service, everything, including her body, will go back into normal. It wasn't awful if she had to change her uniforms into a bigger size, or to hear her chair squeak from time to time.

After the first year, her commander was retiring. Finally – Natasha gave a long sight. She didn't like that horrible old man. He was annoying, and old, and smelled like onion. So he's been in couple of wars, and saved the country once or twice – does it mean he has to be so full of himself?

During the feast they made for him, there were about 30 other commanders and officers who gave long, tiring speeches. Natasha rolled her eyes, and after the first hour got up before everyone to the buffet, where huge and beautifully decorated cakes stood, full of cream. Fresh pastries – still warm – tempted her with their aroma. Huge jars of grape juice and orange juice glittered like gems, and moist cookies with white-snow-like sugar frosting on lovely paper plates just begged to make her fingers sticky.

Natasha pressed one chubby finger to her pink lips. Should she, really? Everyone was listening to the boring speeches, but when it will be finished everyone will come and won't leave even one small crumb for her.

She sent her hand to the cookies, before she heard a slight cough. Her hand closed immediately into a fist as she turned around to see who it was.

Leaning against the wall, was a young soldier wearing a well ironed uniforms. She was surprised to see the ranks of an officer on his shoulders - he didn't seem old enough to carry them – but she was also surprised to his general look.

He was really good looking, no one could argue with that. Tall, slender body, full of youth and surprisingly broad shoulders compared to his lean waist – but still, very graceful. His hair was soft and brown, and a bit longer then what that was allowed for soldiers. He had big blue eyes in perfectly shaped face, and right now his narrow lips spread into a sarcastic smile, showing pearly teeth.

Natasha pressed her lips together, feeling her face become red as she realized she was staring at him, her fist still flowing above the cookies' plate. She went backwards, letting her arm drop into its rightful place.

"Hmm?" said the officer. "You didn't mean to take one of these? They look really good."

"Well, I – I – " Natasha wanted to curse him. That was the first time she lost her words because of some guy. How pathetic.

"What?" said the officer, going closer to the table. He looked even better now – with high cheek bones and a perfect porcelain skin. He looked almost royalty like, cold and official. Then he ruined her entire impression as he went on "don't tell me you saw a cockroach or anything, because I really wanted to try those cookies before everyone will come and finish them up…"

"What? NO! We don't have any cockroaches in our unit, really, you – who are you, again?"

"Great." He said, taking the biggest cookie that Natasha planned to take. "Amm, I'm Daniel. So what's wrong with those cookies, then? They look just fine to me." He took a big bite, and Natasha had to fight with her entire will power not to lick her lips as she saw the sugar frosting stick to his beautifully shaped narrow lips. "And that one tastes a whole lot better then fine –"

"Diet." She said sternly, before she could even notice what she was saying. "I'm on a diet."

"Oh?" said Daniel, pulling his shoulders. "Well, you do need one, if you don't mind me saying – "

"I mind!" she said angrily, but he wasn't paying any attention. He was looking at the stage, and then grabbed her hesitant hand in his warm big hand quickly, putting the sticky-half-eaten cookie in it.

"That's my turn now." He said "wish me luck!"

He wiped the sugar of his lips and run quickly to the stage. Natasha starred at him as his words slowly came into her ears.

"Thank you, I'm honored to except this new opportunity and promise to do my best in this new part – "


She licked her dry lips as her new commander finished his (short) speech, sending everyone to the buffet while winking at her.
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