You still think too much

Chapter 1

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Days had turned to weeks had turned to months, and not much had changed in Sophie’s world. Up at five every day to open the restaurant, collapsing on the couch at ten o’clock that evening, feet aching, but the rest of her strangely numb. Her father had had some mild health issues in the last few months, so she was picking up the slack. She was working longer hours now, drinking a little more. Her social life had all but evaporated, despite near daily voicemails from Maria begging for a lunch date. Sophie just didn’t care anymore. She went through the motions, trapped inside her own head, long past yearning for escape. Life had dealt her a blow, and against everything she’d ever believed in, she had lain down and taken it.

“Order: three eggs scrambled, sausage, homefries.” Emily, the newest in a long line of incompetent waitresses, was actually doing much better than expected. Sophie poured a ladle of oil on the grill and went to it.

“Order up!” Emily tripped coming through the kitchen door and almost dropped an entire bus tub full of dirty dishes but saved it at the last minute. Sophie barely noticed. She dinged the bell impatiently then stepped outside. That order had been the last, at least for a little while, and it was time for a break.

The cool air felt good against her feverish skin. The kitchen was unbearably hot in the summer time, despite the arid climate of the Rockies. She sighed and looked out across the parking lot. The creek ran right behind the building on the one side, lapping at rocks as it went. The sound was relaxing, and Sophie’s mind began to wander. What had really happened two years ago? It all seemed like a blur, but given the slightest opportunity, the details came rushing back with such force that it almost knocked her off her feet. She pictured Adam, his uncertainty and self-consciousness bordering on annoying. He had been so reluctant to see her that night.

“I don’t deserve this,” he had said, averting his eyes. “I don’t deserve you….”

Sophie hadn’t said anything, just leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back, nervous, unsure, and then pulled away.

“Sophie….I really like you, don’t get me wrong…”

“You just hate yourself.” That had struck a nerve. Adam had responded with a sullen look.

She kissed him again, short, sweet, and then put her hands to his bloated stomach. He had just won his eating challenge, barely. It was thrilling to watch him compete, bite by precious bite, struggling near the end but forcing down the last few gulps…it had driven Sophie wild. He had eaten so much… His belly was firm, filled to bursting, and she loved the feel of it beneath her hands. She ignored his protests and massaged his belly gently, savoring every second. Adam tensed, but eventually relaxed, even moaned quietly in pleasure.

“That….feels…great. Really…great,” he said, surprised by how wonderful it really felt. He laid back and enjoyed himself, letting Sophie’s hands wander un-chaperoned, and for the first time, he didn’t seem to mind.

It had gone from there. When they had finished, Sophie had snuggled up close to him, whispered in his ear, told him how great it had been. He had smiled, kissed her on the forehead, held her close. He had been happy for the first time in a great many months. But nothing lasts forever, and the self-doubt began to creep back in, slowly at first, then with more pressing urgency.

“Sophie?” Sophie started awake, having just drifted off to a blissful sleep.

“Yes, dear?”

“Did…I mean….Was it really…..” He sighed, cursing himself.

Sophie knew where this was going and she exhaled sharply, disappointed that he had relapsed, angry that he could ruin such a beautiful moment. She sat up on one elbow to face him.

“I didn’t fake it, Adam.”

He looked at her, slightly alarmed that she had guessed what he was thinking but at the same time, unconvinced that she was being honest.


“No.” She stood up and walked to the window to keep herself from getting violent with him. “Adam…look….there’s something you should know about me…”

And with that, she told him everything. Her attraction to fat men, her infatuation with him over the years, how the show was like middle-core porn for her. He had said nothing, just laid in the bed, stone-faced, unmoving. By the time she had finished, the sun was beginning to peek in through the drapes. Adam got out of bed, still silent, and slipped into his clothes.

“I’ll call you tonight,” was all he said before walking out and never coming back.

“Table of two.”

Sophie was jolted back to reality by Emily.


“I just sat a two-top. You said to tell you…”


Emily nodded nervously and went back inside.

Showtime, once again. Sophie took one last look at the creek, wishing not for the first time that she could follow it to its ends and never look back.
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TCC 10 months
Been looking for this lol. Def was a big fan
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Oh my lord. Every time I look at this story, immediately after I google Adam Richman frantically.
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I'll try to get a few more chapters written! My computer crashed recently, so it's been a tad difficult, sorry!
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I always like reading "BHM stories" from a girl's perspective, yet there's not much of it posted. Thank You!