A born gainer

chapter 1

I remember the time when my dad told me, point blank, that I was getting fat. I had a Twinkie in my hand (having 3 more wrappers hidden in my pockets) and dinner hadn't even been served. He grabbed my paunchy little belly and said "you're getting fat buddy!". I was embarrassed, not because he was right. Because I knew I was getting fat. I was doing it on purpose.

He was concerned that the kids would make fun, and he was right because they did. Oh they laid into me. I grew boobs along with the girls. I had the biggest set of hooters in the 6th grade gym. Big, jiggly things that rivaled my growing gut. I weighed 160 pounds.

Not heeding my fathers words I pigged out on the sly. Whenever I could. My moms drank Dr Pepper by the 12 pack, she never missed one or two that I'd sneak in the morning. My dad worked in Houston during the week, and we lived just north of Dallas. My mom didn't like to cook too much, when she did it was frozen pizza, sandwiches, or Mac and cheese, of which id have heaping helpings of at mealtime. I'd have hefty dessert, followed by a late night binge while my mom dozed off.

I discovered the online feedist world. Before the days of incognito, I cleared history daily. I had several accounts and read constant flows of feedist stories accompanied by binges of whatever I could scrape together. Counting calories at 12, but I'd count 2000 before anyone in the house even woke up. I found tumblr and looked at huge women and men weighing 300, 400, 500 and up. Some immobile. Nothing made my cock harder.

I continued to pack on flab during my high school years. I gained 39 pounds my freshman year, off a steady diet of extra food provided by friends. My junior year of high school saw a newfound effort of mine to go to the gym. I thought I could get fit. I ate sandwiches and salads, and worked out every day. After a while, however, that stopped, and college was about to bring me new friends, substances and pounds. I graduated high school at 250 pounds.

Marijuana is a hell of a drug, and I had used it occasionally, for the last 2 years of high school. First year of college comes, and I blow down every day. I worked at a restaurant with cheap, fatty food and a 50 percent discountz. The pounds came quick. I was an eating machine when high, capable of shoving a full pizza down my throat with ease. Blunts, burgers and brownies added weight and solidified my out of shapeness. I took to alcohol often too, with wine and mixed drinks, and started smoking cigarettes. This mixture of weed, food, and cigarettes made me lazy, sedentary, and hedonistic. Moving was not hard yet, but was sooo taxing when all I wanna do is lay down and stuff my face. Slowly but surely, almost a junior in college and I weigh 287 pounds.
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