A lose and a gain between frienemies

Chapter 1 - the game

Summer and Aria hated each other. Summer seemed to better at everything and could be mistaken for a model. Aria was always competing agenst her but seemed to always lose. So to get back at Summer she would have a noodle eating competition. The loser had to be hypnotised to do whatever the winner wanted for a 4 months. Summer, thinking she would win agreed. And it began, they ate for almost 2 hours until, Summer passed out. Aria won with room to spare. She told Summer to meet her at her apartment tomorrow wearing skinny jeans and button up shirt.
The next day Summer showed wearing the clothes and Aria invited her in. Summer expected to be Arias maid or something but was completely wrong. Aria brought her in and told her what she would be doing for her.
1.She will remain in her current clothes and under garments until her six months is up. She won't even touch them unless she is bathing.
2.She will only eat and drink what Aria gives to her.
3.She will live at Arias apartment for the six months.
4.She can't give Aria any orders.
5.She can't refuse an order from Aria.
Any of these broken will result in 2 months being added.
Summer agreed to these not knowing what she was getting into. The moment she said yes Aria gave her tower of pancakes dipped in maple syrup and told her to eat. Summer was going to refuse but remembered the punishment and started to eating. After they were gone she was bloated and wanted to rest but then Aria asked if she could walk to the store and get her a carton of chocolate milk. Summer went and noticed the amount of people staring at her stomach which poping out like a sore thumb, she was filled with embarrassment and rushed to the apartment as fast as possible.
When she got home she was given three cans of whipped cream told to drink. This went on for 2 months,she would be given heavy bread, pancakes, blocks of butter, whipped cream, cupcakes, icing, 2 cakes and even a keg of oil at least once a day. She figured out why she was only aloud to were those clothes, it was to make her unevenly fat. Her belly would stick out and spill over her tight jeans while her legs would be thinner, not skinny, they would be inconsistent with her body. Her stomach became impossible to hide in a matter of weeks and it wasn't just that. Any other foods outside her "diet" were greasy foods which stained her clothes making her look messy and with the help of a weekly walk and the added weight, she would sweat more which made it more uncomfortable and her smell was repulsive. Aria new all this and had even planed it, she had taken all of Summers deodorant and perfumes, ban showers and constantly got her to go out in public. She went from looking like a skinny, beautiful smelling model to a person who had greasy look and smell to them, wearing an outfit that hadn't been washed or worn since before college. That wasn't even the worst part, the worst part was that her body started to hate her, it showed this by making her sweat almost all day, letting out 10's of farts almost every hour or so and giving her diyarea. It didn't help the fact that she was forced to wear the same under garments for the entire time. Aria new all of this and would make Summer go out when she needed to go the most.
By the fourth month Summer was almost 200 kg, her jeans were so tight that they couldn't come undone, her stomach stuck out so far that she almost fell over every time she stood up, her butt was pushing out the top of her jeans, her face was round and plump and her intestines stopped letting out waste and instead packed it away. She had broken only one rule, she had changed her undergarments to which Aria's response was make her change into a pair that were twice as small as Summers original size and an extra 2 months under Arias control.
Summer snapped, she told Aria that if she bet her in an eating competition they would switch places but if Aria won Summer would have to add six more months to her stay at Arias. Aria agreed knowing she would win. Summer thought she had this in the bag until Aria said "The eat out will begin the moment after you eat 20 boxes of pizza." even though she had been doing this for four months she hadn't gotten used to the proportions and it got worse, when the pizzas arrived Aria emptied a bag of cheese onto each one and added a bowl of pasta to each one, this was one of the biggest meals Summer had been given. When she was done she felt like she would explode. Then Aria pulled out the meal they would be eating, a large salad. Summer thought Aria choose this was because she wanted one last healthy meal before gaining weight. But it was a trap, the moment Summer started scoffing down the salad, her intestines started working again and it was not a pretty sight. She was stuck to the toilet for hours. When she came out Aria was standing there to tell her that "Well it looks like your mine for another six months. By the way there's 6 chocolate cakes on the table for you. Oh and don't even think about using a fork."
So she was stuck with her and there was nothing she could do. Aria decided to change a couple of thing. She told Summer "You will do one hour of physical exercise in your gym clothes for 2 months then it will be back to the usual." Summer thought this was the best new and couldn't weight to get back to the gym and in comfy gym clothes.
The next day she was going to get her body in shape. She put on her gym clothes and noticed how revealing and tight they were, then she walked to the gym and began on the tread mil. She thought it would be easy, she could run on it for 30 minutes. But now she only lasted 3 minutes tops.
This was the same for every other thing she did, instead of 100 sit-ups a minute it was 5, instead of 20 pull ups it was half and she couldn't even do a push up. Still over the 2 months she lost most of the weight and she realised how stretched her clothes were they were so loose that she could get out of them without even having to undo a single button. Even though she still was 3 sizes to big she was looking good and she was starting to trust Aria she thought she was starting to be nice.
But on the last day of her exercise Aria told her that she would buy clothes that would show off Summers body, it was a pair of jeans with a button up top. Once Summer put them on Aria pulled out 2 six packs of bear and told her to drink, it was starting up again. Summer thought it was a celibration but it was quite the opposite. As soon as Summer was drunk enough Aria started giving her sticks of butter and bottles of whipped cream until she was full and it keep going, with cakes, and chocolate, ice cream and even snuck in some constipators until she almost vomited. When Summer awoke the next day her nearly flat belly was now a pot belly, her pants felt tight around her butt and thighs and her shirt was tight. This time Aria had a goal, it was to get Summers body use to 5 meals a day and get her body was chubby enough to fit uncomfortably in her current clothes but not to much that she would need to buy an entirely new wardrobe. So thats what happened Summer got to a weight were she was lumpy and could only just get in any of her stretchy clothes and her body was hungry all day.
On Summers last day of being under Arias control Aria gave her a drug that would open her mind to any order given to her. Arias final order to Summer was:
Until you lose enough weight to get out of of you clothes without undoing anything you will keep you current wardrobe. It is only when your body gets too fat to fit you legs into jeans than you will buy a new outfit, but it has to be at the least 2 sizes too small.
In the end Summer only went to the gym once after that and that was to cancel her gym subscription, she actually gained so much weight that her current size jeans is 12 sizes bigger than her original.
And even though in the beginning Summer was better then Aria at most thing, that's certainly not the case anymore, for instants Aria is much better when it comes to hygiene, aparence and physical exercise.
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