A love letter

chapter 1

I originally wrote this as a message to a girl on another similar site who wanted to be teased about her weight. Since I never got a reply, and it is generic enough to apply to many, I have decided to rededicate it to all the plump young ladies out there who get a thrill from being teased. Let me know what you think!
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I love how you chose a pic that makes you look skinny for your main profile when you know you're a fatty. Once a fatty always a fatty. Its just a matter of time. Sure you may lose weight and even keep it off for a while, but eventually you'll let your guard down and blow up like a balloon again before you know it.

All those luscious, delicious fat cells never go away, they just shrink while you starve yourself, all the while begging to be fed, making you hungrier and hungrier till you give in. Then they swell, inflating like little balloons till - POP! They get too big and divide into little fat cells and start the cycle of fattening all over again. And you just keep on getting plumper and juicier.

But that's not all my round little butterball, as your fat cells multiply, it doesn't just get harder and harder to loose weight - since they shrink but never disappear, it becomes impossible to get as slim as you were the last time. Each bounce of the yo-yo you're a little fatter than the last time - and you stay fatter each time you give up on your doomed-from-the-start diet. Over time you'll slowly blow up just like your little fat cells. Just like a balloon. Though hopefully you won't pop!

Can you imagine how you'd look, how it would feel? Your soft squishy belly stretching your shirt embarrassingly tight - the bare underside resting on your thighs - the top pushing up your heavier boobs - the dinner table biting in a little when you slide in your chair. You know you shouldn't, but you know you don't have the willpower not to stuff yourself like a holiday turkey.

Can you imagine that feeling of a cool draft on your plump love handles because your shirt can't find your belt? Or do you know it well already? Imagine then my finger lightly tracing that sensitive crevice of bulging blubber where your too-tight waistband digs in. Maybe it meets my thumb in a pinch as it slides around your soft expanse. Not to pinch an inch - you seem to be past that already - but a whole succulent handful! A piggy fat enough to eat I whisper. But plump enough to pop? I dip my finger into your belly button - how deep does it go? Are you ticklish? I'll find out.

Let me know if you like this.
And tease me back, I like it both ways.
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Chuborange 2 years
Very, very fun. Thanks for posting!
CaliGainingGirl 7 years
That was amazing I loved it! Great job, please write more! x