A new client

chapter one strange calls

My email is full this morning as I glance at my phone. but i pay little acknowledgement to it as i begin my praywrs and meditation in my bed. After an hour of my spirtual tribute to the universe, to my amazing fortune i had a couple new offers from my own business: electronic provisions. I ran over all the offers as my tea brewed on the stove. I love to get up and the morning and start my morning off with yoga, tea, and the news while going over my emails. I got my shower going as I began to sing my phone started ringing, I get out running to it naked water glistening on my trim cut body. It was one of the clients that had sent me an email, I answer th ed phone to have it hang up in my face, I thought nothing of it despite my recurring hellos into the phone. I continued resuming my daily preppings to go out to my little firm my parents left me before they moved to another state. Though I am just 21 i am very fortunate to sustain myself with my own skills. As soon as I was dressed and ready to go my phone rings yet again a different number this time I answer it and again the phone oddly hangs up. I thought to myself eh well maybe there is technical difficulties with that person's phone. I end my daily routine locking up my condo and getting into my little compact Fiat.

I arrive at my firm after grabbing a granola bar and a pack of wild berries from my fridge there i sit down to work on some past projects i am still getting caught up on. I watch as people amble by the shop and see the mail woman approaching. She slide a small package in my mail slot and i rush to pick it up. Inquisitive i am i snoop over it to find out its a package for me, inside is an IPhone with a cracked screen i say to myself hmph quick fix. As I look it over my phone rings yet again now with a different number yet again and a ominous sound in the background, I am utterly repeating hello for at least 3 times no one says anything and I hang up. I think nothing of it as I set my phone down i pick the cracked iphone up place it on my desk. Taking the package box i set it there as well seeming as I do so a slip of paper falls out having the return address and an explanation for the sent phone as well. I read it over
"thank you for receiving my phone Daniel Jordan, you have reputable skills in fixing things so I have heard and I know you can repair my phone for what ever is wrong with it when you fix it keep it and call me at any of the three phone numbers: skype: 502-345-8593, cell: 502-324-5743, house: 502-412-9022. Thank you so much Mr. Jordan for you services.

Madame Hellen."

"I recieve this well." I think to myself. This is such an easy job how do people break these things, I murmur to myself replacing the screen and assembly doing so. Then it dawned on me.... those numbers look so familiar. Looking back at my call log i see them. Hmm well i guess she was having problems with this one and got a new one. I start reassembling the phone with its new screen soon i am done. I pick up my phone to call Madame Hellen back. The first cell phone gets a busy signal so I hang up, the house number disconnects on me and then the skype number works and my phone suddenly brings up my camera on me and the iPhone switches on at same rate I hear the same ominous still sound again and a beautiful feminine voice says to me
"hello Mr. Jordan." I greet the voice but see nothing it's just a black screen. "I am Your client that sent the phone i have a payment for you but I am out side of the town you live in if you look at the return address you can get to me there at the moment I am busy but I will be expecting you ay anytime so feel free to stop by and as for the phone i bought myself a new one you can keep it to sell or for yourself it be nice for you to keep it as a gift"

i reply to her saying "ok no problem ma'am these tasks come easy to me and ok if your giving me the phone that's enough payment for me. And my I ask what that noise is?."

She responds "hm i am not sure ha but I insist you recieve some payment for your time I will be expecting you." She hangs up cutting me off. Having the endearing character i have i couldn't just keep someone's property and take a payment for such a cheap assignment. I looked at the iPhone with its still dark screen oddly i felt like I was being watched but though nothing of it for the fact my shop was across the street from a nursing home. I decided that I would venture to my clients place around six o'clock PM after the traffic died down. I resumed my progress on my catching up of the projects and tried not to dwell on the odd expierence i just had.
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This looks interesting... Good writing!