A shake a day


chapter 1

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I’m far too skinny. I know it! I’ve always been on the thin and bony side. I’ve tried to gain weight before, but it has not been easy.
At first I thought I’d just eat more. I tried that, but I felt so bloated and uncomfortable all the time that it did not last and I soon returned to my old skinny self.
I tried going to the gym to build up muscle, but I found lifting weights too hard and boring. My muscles ached for days after a workout. I hated it! So I stopped going. Over the years, I have tried other forms of exercise too, but I guess I don’t have the gumption or dedication to be an athlete.
I tried eating a lot of takeaways and convenience foods, but it was a waste of money. I would sit down to eat it, feeling hungry and excited, but then I would put my knife and fork down after a few mouthfuls. I did not throw the remaining meal away immediately because I might decide I wanted some more later. But later, when I thought I’d digested enough and had enough room for more food, I would find my meal was cold, congealed and unappetising. Just looking at it made me feel nauseated. Ugh!
I suppose you could say that I’m a picky eater. I don’t like fried foods, I like to eat colourful foods. A simple salad with a variety of vegetables, no dressing and one source of protein such as cottage cheese, chicken or salmon is one of my favourite things to eat! I’m not keen on sweets and puddings. If I’m out for a meal I will always skip the dessert. Given the choice of a two-course meal, I would always opt for a starter and a main course rather than a main course and a dessert. If I’m out for a three-course meal and don’t have a choice, I would have a couple of bites of my dessert, just to show that I was grateful and then leave the rest. If I’m in a big party, there are always plenty people who like to have seconds around me.
I have never had seconds of anything. I used to watch with amazement at my fellow pupils as they queued up for seconds and thirds in the junior school. How could they possibly eat to much? Did they not feel full and lethargic for the rest of the day?

As soon as I feel full, I’ve got so stop eating. There might just be one mouthful left on the plate, but if I’ve had sufficient, I have to leave it. If I’m forced to eat more than that, I feel nauseous and start to gag. If I manage to get it down, I feel uncomfortable and it just is not worth it.

I have tried snacking between meals too. A handful of nuts, at least two hours after my last meal for instance, or a few crackers with some cheese. The only effect that had on me was to fill me up so much that I did not fancy eating my next meal when the time came. My main meal would be delayed and sometimes forgotten about altogether. Snacking did not work for me.

I was resigning myself to being a skinny boy all my life when I had another idea...
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