Allie's uni housewarming

Chapter 1 - allie the cheerleader

Allie loved her flat, toned stomach. Even when she'd been a couple of sizes bigger, her tiny waist had always stayed put, giving her the perfect hourglass figure.

It was approaching holiday season and she was loving watching her friends attempt to fight the flab whilst she could eat whatever she wanted.

At university most of her girl pals had started to pack on the pounds but since she'd escaped her mother's endearing overfeeding and she was so busy working and studying, eating just wasn't her priority. She was always trying to save money so she had a tendancy to eat once a day and she walked everywhere.

Anytime she did gain a little bit, usually on visits home when her mother splurged on the shopping bill, it always went straight to her rear, giving her the much adored Kardashian butt.

She had blossomed at university. All her puppy dog fat had melted off her svelte frame and she was the perfect ten in everyway. She was beautiful; ocean blue eyes and natural sandy blonde hair that reached her waist. Her butt was rounded but still a perfect little bubble, complimenting her gently curvy hips. Her long legs were inches apart, making her generally choose to wear tight mini skirts or tailored trousers to show them off.

Her breasts were perky and youthfull, little rosebuds, with quite large areolas that stuck out like little targets in the centre of her chest. She wished they were larger. She'd always alternated between a C and a B, but since she'd shed the pounds at uni, her old C cup bras were definitely a bit optimistic. She quite often enjoyed going braless and she supposed that was the perk of dainty assets. At least she didn't get the back ache.

She had become somewhat popular since she'd started her degree. Her psychology friends were all incredibly stylish and she'd immediately freshened up her image from school to fit in.

Yet as cool and attractive as they all were, she couldn't believe how quickly they'd all started to pad out. It wasn't noticeable as they dressed it well, but Allie knew she was the slimmest by a long way.

It turned out eating chinese takeaway and the burgers from the students union could really do some damage to your figure. She guessed their new found love for beer wasn't helping.

Allie was sensible. As well as her unintentional habits that kept her trim, she hated beer. Just the smell of the hops made her want to be sick. She was through and through a G and T girl.

She never had enough money for a takeaway so she always turned up to the film nights an hour or so late, claiming she was rushing from work. Which, to be fair, was often true. Her friends noticed though.

"Do you think she's got an eating disorder? She always avoids eating with us, I think it's really weird." Her best friend Kate would ask.

"No she's just really poor. I think she just can't afford it." Emily would reply.

"She could do with fattening up, she's starting to show her ribs." Jade giggled cattily.

The three of them were Allie's best friends and they had began university just as glamourous and trim as Allie herself.

Almost two years later, however, the effects of the university lifestyle were starting to show.

Kate had always had a boyfriend figure, straight up, straight down. She'd had no bust, no butt and she was often mistaken for a lot younger than she was because of her skinny arms. Since uni began, however, she'd started to get a little bit of a butt and her stomach had a tiny little pooch. She was obsessed with her new arse and couldn't understand why everyone worried so much about the freshman 15. She looked better and she knew it. Her deep red hair got her a lot of male attention anyway but since she had a fat arse, they all adored her.

Emily's gain had all gone to her breasts. She had double D's now that hung out of any shirt she tried to wear, making all the sports team fancy dress costume she wore look much more provocative than she ever intended. It made her horny, seeing her swollen breasts hang down towards her slightly larger stomach.

Jade had never been quite as small as her friends. She wasn't fat but she'd never been slim either. She had wide hips and a curving pot belly but she'd always worn it very well. She wasn't as accepting of her gain as the others, she had actually tried to shift some of the weight by joining up to the cheerleading squad with Allie at the start of second year.

She was good at it, she stuck to the bottom of the pyramid but despite her curvier figure, she was very small in height, so no one ever really noticed her gain the same.

Truth was, Allie's weight loss made her angry. At first she assumed it was jealousy but she had started to admit to herself that maybe it was something more.

Jade had come to realise at university that maybe she wasn't as into boys as her friends. Whilst they poured over the guys with their pecs in the gym, Jade found her eye travelling to the ladies with their lycra-bound bubble butts and their deep squatting routines.

She'd tried to brush it under the carpet but after telling Emily and Kate she might have feelings for women and they were so supportive, she was slowly coming to terms with it.

She had started to develop feelings for Allie. Allie, who was completely oblivious to the entire situation talked very openly about how great sex was with her boyfriend and how much she loved how manly he was and how he enjoyed her perfectly proportioned body.

Thing is, since Allie had been so constantly busy, she barely had time for Ed and he'd started to get frustrated.

On the 25th April, he broke up with her, leaving her beyond devastated. And that's when her life began to change.

Ed and Allie had shared a student flat together but their break up ended badly. They fought a lot and she ended up running to her friend's house for comfort.

They accepted her with open arms, secretly all glad Ed was out of the picture since they hated him and how arrogant he was.

"Babe, you can share a bed with me tonight but we'll convert the attic into a room for you. Live with us! It'll be so much fun." Jade said.
"Oh my god yes! The landlord was talking about converting the attic and putting a 4th room in anyway but we weren't sure who would end up taking it as you wanted to live with Ed. You living with us would be a dream!" Emily gasped.
"Guys, I appreciate the offer so much. But I can't live here. My rent with Ed was half this. I'd love to honestly but you guys know I'm not as rich as you."
"Al, we've been talking this over for a while but we're going to start helping you out. We've got more than enough extra cash between us and all it goes on is designer clothes." Jade smiled.
"If it means you can quit that ridiculous job of yours as well we're even more happy tp do it."
"Guys that's so not fair I couldn't let you do that!"

"You're going to actually. I've already ordered a removal van to start loading up your things."

Allie was gobsmacked. She'd never been treated so nicely before.

She quit her job the next morning, taking great delight in throwing away her apron.

The girls told her she would always have her food paid for. She was still reluctant to indulge, still conscious of her figure.

She went into the beautiful kitchen to make herself a salad but found Jade at the table messily devouring a chocolate eclair.
"Want one?" She asked with her mouth still stuffed full of cream.

Allie shook her head, slightly disgusted by her hog-like friend. Did Jade not even notice how many pounds she'd started to pack on? Did she even want to fit into her bikini?

She already missed Ed and how he'd encourage her to keep so trim and he'd act like a personal trainer to her, making sure she had a toned bum instead of a flabby one.

"Don't be so boring, they're so good. You don't need to pay for your food anymore you may as well make the most of it." Jade shrugged.
Allie pondered the thought. Maybe she could just give in once. Surely that wouldn't ruin her body too much.

She rolled her eyes but sat down at the table anyway. Jade excitedly hopped to the fridge and grabbed the cake, bringing out extra squirty cream.
"What are you doing?" Allie asked nervously.
"Open your mouth!"
Allie obeyed as Jade slowly inserted the cake into her pursed lips, in almost a sensual way. It was very typical Jade behavior.

Allie groaned as the tastes she'd never allowed herself to indulge in, danced across her tounge. She didn't even notice how much it was turning Jade on to feed her as she was just in pure ecstasy having this forbidden treat.

She did notice however, when Jade started to squirt the cream into Allie's mouth and she started to gently dip her tounge into Allie's mouth to carefully eat it from her.

Allie was shocked but she surprisingly wasn't disgusted. In fact, she could feel her panties slowly dampening. This was the sexual tenion she'd craved with Ed but she'd never had. She just hadn't expected it to be with a woman. Especially not a chubby woman.

Jade had never been so excited. She fancied Allie so much, in fact Allie may have been the reason she knew she was a lesbian. Yet she knew deep down that her real sexual attraction was to bigger girls, especially girls that put on weight, whether it was accidental or purposeful, something about it just made her tingle. Getting to feed Allie was just out of this world. She wondered if maybe she could slowly turn Allie into the glutton of her naughty dreams.

Allie didn't say anything more to Jade. She was embarassed by their encounter but nore embarassed by how it had made her so turned on.

This was one of her best friends and she'd never had female related fantasies before. Well except the odd bit of lesbian porn but everyone watched that, right?

A couple of hours later, Kate had prepared a huge banquet for them all.
"Oh my god Kate I'm not sure I'll be able to eat all this!" Allie exclaimed, choosing t
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