Alternative options 1

chapter 1

I got inspired to write this after seeing a Marie France Bodyline ad from Thailand. Which started with a couple in front of a bunch of food and the girl eating from every plater, getting bloated and going to to the clinic. When it does the swooping shot of the weight coming off actually they don't show the face and replaced the body with someone who actually has a fat gut. Which made me wonder, how had she gained all of that weight?

Sam was a very fit person, she ate healthy and exercised regularly. Her boyfriend loved this about her. In fact it was the only thing he focused on. It wasn't that everything else was boring it was just all he cared about.
So when he found her pigged out on the couch, he got worried and without a second thought (and without listening to a word from her) took her down to the weight lose centre gave her $5000 to get her back into shape and said she couldn't come home for a month and if she did, they were done.
She was shocked, this event made her wonder if he was just dating her for her body. But she couldn't worry about that now, because if he didn't and he was actually concerned. Than she needed to prove that she was committed, she went into the clinic and sat in the waiting room.

Sam sat down in the office and the hostess started the conversion:
"Hello, my name is Miss Denver, what can I help you with today?"
"I would like to join your weight lose program"
"Certainly, may I ask why?"
"Well you see, I'm someone who keeps in shape, I eat healthy and I go on runs regularly. But because of this my meals tend to be boring, so every year I have a couple days where I binge out on anything and everything. My boyfriend court me on day two. And even though I told him that I was doing this about 5 times last week, he forgot and immediately drove me here. So to prove that I'm committed to this relationship I have a month to lose weight that can I can easily lose in less then a week."
"Sam, I'm gonna tell this to you straight. I don't think you're the person who needs to prove they're committed. If your boy friend really loved all of you he wouldn't care if you gained weight and he would of certainly remembered something you said 5 times."
"So you're saying I shouldn't loose the weight?"
"I'm saying you should gain weight. You see, this clinic has noticed your type of situation a lot. Girl eats a bit too much one night, vain boyfriend doesn't like what he sees and drives them here. So my bosses came up with a new section of our business plan. Its called "Boyfriend be gone, Gut, come on down". Its basically the ultimate boyfriend test. We the girl, AKA you, into a chubby slob, and it doesn't matter if the boyfriend passes or falls. Either way we will give you an option to loss the weight at the end. What do you say?"
"My boyfriend isn't that vain."
"Isn't he? It's not like you have anything better to do."
That was true, she couldn't go back anyway or she would be instantly dumped.
She looked at the plan. After considering it in her head she finally said it "Ok I'll do." "Perfect, we'll set you up in a room."
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cool start
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It will be interesting to see where this story goes!