Amelia's weight gain

Chapter 1 - 1) waking up

Amelia wakes up, feeling light-headed. She is tied up to a wall naked. Her small boobs were covered in sweat, much like her flat butt and her jogger's stomach. Food was layed out on a table in front of her. She was hungry.
"Ah. Awake at last." Said a mysterious looking man, with a fancy fedora on his head.
"Where am I? Why am I tied up to a wall nude?"
"Answers will come in time. Now, eat. Hunger pills do a lot to a small woman like you. Heh." He let out a small and quiet laugh. He was right. Amelia was absolutely famished!
"I can't use my arms. How will I eat?"
"Ha! Funny you ask. I'll feed you."
"What?! No!"
"I beg you, don't resist."
"But-I-Ugh... Fine!" Amelia said, openning her mouth to accept food. The man got a forkful of cake, feeding it to Amelia. It tasted so good! She had what was like an orgasm in her mouth, and accepted more. Before she had known it, she had had 4 slices of cake. Her small belly ached.
"Please, no more."
"No. Just drink." The man put a cup of some sort of creamy liquid up to Amelia's mouth. Her stomach was now being filled up with some type of filling drink. She could almost feel her belly expanding outward with every second that went by. Amelia wanted to stop, but couldn't. She had drank every last drop by the time that the man finally took the cup from her mouth. Her belly was bloated outward, a small curve now appearing on it.
"Ugh... My belly, it hurts so bad..."
"Well, your eating isn't over yet. In about a half an hour or so, the hunger pills inside of that drink will make your cravings go crazy. So be ready."
"Why me?" Amelia was then left alone, overfed and crying.

In about 45 minutes or so...

"Argh. I'm so hungry! But I can't-ugh..." Amelia groaned. The man walked in with a tube. The tube was filled with another type of fancy, creamy liquid.
"A tube?! No! I'm not eating any more!"
"Too bad." Said the man, connecting the tube to Amelia's mouth. She was unable to resist. Instantly the taste hit her mouth, making her moan and groan, aroused to the point where she just couldn't stop.
"Mm... Oh... Uh... Mm..." Her belly began to bloat even more, her cheeks becoming a light red. Her womanhood got very wet, to her surprise. The man then exited the room, leaving Amelia there being fed by the automated feeding tube device. She saw this and began to panic, but soon figured out that there was nothing that she could do. She watched in awe as her body was filled up with fattening cream.
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QuebecFA 7 years
I am loving the story! Like Amelia, I want more! ;-)