Bad plan

Chapter 1 - summarize + prologue

to summarize

Louis lives now with Victor, a friend who needs to be accommodated. This cohabitation embarrasses much Killian, the boyfriend of Louis. Living in two different cities, they can not see each other when they want ... each time there are several months separating them. Enough months for Killian to notice that his love has grown.
 Louis has money problems and Victor supports him more than he should.

Prologue: Liar

"Hey, hi, I hope you're ok, I'm writing to tell you that everything is fine :)"
Louis wrote with tears in his eyes, it was not sadness but a mixture of fear and anger. But he continued to write to reassure his boyfriend.
"It's already been a week since you left, we are called every day, finally not ready, but I find it more romantic to write letters to me.Because it is the first, I wanted to tell you that in 2 months is the Halloween holidays, Halloween is waiting for us! I can not wait to disguise myself with you but 2 months is a long time without you ... More seriously you remember our conversation with Victor. "
The conversation had two places after a party at the beach. Victor is a friend far from Louis's group and Killian does not like him at all. It's not related to his punk style and that way of talking that is pretty, if not too relaxed. But the relationship he has with his little friends, Louis.
Victor had lost her apartment because of her ex, she deceived Victor and cleared her home to install his new guys. "Well I do not know what else to say to you ... except that now you will write to me by Letter! SMS is a killer love Kisses, I love you K. From your L "
Hardly finished writing, he turned to cry a good shot. Louis had a pretty serious problem when we do not know how to solve it. He is in the red money level and is afraid to leave home. For the moment all is well he can hold a certain time, 2 months normally. Time for him to receive his scholarship, but being in the red is a stressful thing for a 19 year old. Although he is kind of nature, he was a liar. He had not invited Victor to do him a favor, but especially to help financially this year. His apartment is good, it's two rooms. He has his room and the living room where Victor will sleep. Victor who works since he is 26, and has a good salary. But also was illegal things next door ... Victor is also a liar, he could live alone but is afraid of loneliness. So when Louis offered him an illegal roommate, Victor jumped at the chance.

He regained his senses and calmed himself. It had remained positive thought Louis. He took an envelope and went to the post office before looking for Victor the central square. The path is a little long drive home and the post office, 20 minutes walk. Before leaving he took new business.
It should be noted that at home he almost never wears a T-shirt or other clothing on the top of his body. Although he was "wrapped up" as his friends would say, he was not ashamed of his body at all. On the contrary he was proud because last year he weighed about 100 kilos (220 Lds) and was really a pig eating 4 to 6 times a day, meals as fat as fast food. His belly was not huge but we could see it because the L-shaped garments molded all the shapes of his body. Broad shoulder like those of rugby but without the muscles, fat-pointed moobs who hesitated to fall on the big belly, belly that was round, slightly protruding on the belt. Not to mention the little buoy, in other words the "handle of love", which had a nice curved round to go to the buttocks as big as two melons, the legs were quite muscular, but the layer of fat spanked them out more massive. The old Louis had nothing to do with the new ones, just the physics had changed. That's why he loves this body and knew he was still going to lose weight, normal to go to his university he took the bike every day, even in the rain. On Tuesdays he played badminton and then volleyball and on Wednesday he had 2 hours of rock dance. But above all he only ate two meals a day. He had lost very quickly 20 kilos (44 Lds).

He took the door to get out of his building before going out he passed in front of the mirror and looked at himself. A military fashion green pants, well fitted showing without molding her buttocks. A black T-shirt, size L, with trivial logos that let his belly and fat pectorals breathe, is over a dark violated blazer that gave him a square build. He was good to go out!

Whenever he went on a pat he felt his belly tremble. It had the gift of annoying him, because he always felt too big but ... at the same time he liked that. But the fear of falling back into his ex-routine of big pigs did not leave him. By dint of advancing he did not blunder but he had just arrived at the post office. He put down his letter and when he turned he saw Victor.
Louis says "Normally we had to meet downtown, why are you here?"
Victor replied, "I saw you on a motorcycle, so I stopped, go up!"
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