Bee happy...

Chapter 1 - prologue: get with the plan...

Lights buzzed softly over head, sending a calming shudder down Selene's spine as her heels click-clacked down the clinical hall, following after Doctor Freidman as the two walked. Selene was a tall, beautiful woman, with a pale face, and sharp features. Her eyes were a blue so deep that many mistook them for gemstones. Her waist was narrow, and her bust small, but comparatively, her hips were quite wide, and swayed as she moved. Her plump red lips pursed softly as perfectly groomed fingernails tapped along the wall.

Freidman, on the other hand, was defined as impish, or hawk-like. He tended to stoop, or slouch, due to the many hours he spent huddled over a keyboard. Likewise, his eyes were a nondescript brown, like cheap milk-chocolate, and his skin was creased with age. His thinning black hair was dotted through with grey, and in one knobby, arthritic hand, he held a picture.
"I can promise, beyond any shadow of a doubt, Miss Rothschild; our service is one-hudred percent effective, and confidential." The doctor said, glancing back down at the photo, almost hungrily. "Our usual subjects however... well..." he added and stopped at a window, glancing out with a satisfied leer
Beyond the pane, frolicking in the grass, were three girls, with long, tufted ears and tight white and pink leotards hugging their fat bodies. Their legs and arms were bare, and small puff tails flicked playfully. The smallest weighed close to four-hundred pounds...
"Ah, yes, we let them frolic while they still can. Keeps muscle mass for longer, before we rely on electrostimulation." The doctor explained.

Chuckling in a way that was entirely too creepy "Anthropoda, on the other hand... I've only done one, a spider. It took seven hundred pounds before she had trouble moving..." the doctor explained.

Selene snorted softly as she crossed her arms as the two moved down the hall again "Apiomorphs are an interesting sort.. Especially your sweet little bumble bee." He began and tilted his head "they can consume raw sugar, ingest some water, and convert it to honey almost instantly. Anything not made into honey converts to fat." He continued, pushing his glasses up the brim of his nose with a light cough "that honey, is intended to be used for extra caloric fuel on long flights, or under extremes of physical stress." He added with another creepy chuckle "do you know what happens to honey that isn't processed that way?" He asked.

Selene, who had tuned out most of the ranting sighed and shook her head "more fat?" She asked.

"Got it in one, my dear. If your lovely little bee remains sedentary, she effectively gains weight from one item twice." Doctor Freidman said with a grin.

"Enough talk, how much?" Selene asked calmly, reaching into her coat pocket.

Freidman rolled his hands in a show of thinking "our usual rate is two-fifty-thou for a guaranteed seven hundred gain. For a bit extra we can throw in some other bonuses..." he began.

"No expense spared." Selene replied, her tone brooking no argument "Ren will be made unable to walk ever again, and she will enjoy it." She added, whipping out a chequebook.

Some more quiet negotiation took place, the Heriess wrote a number on the cheque and Freidman scrutinized it carefully.

"Pleasure doing business with you, then." He said, folding the cheque, and striding away without Selene.

Heaving a sigh, Selene smiled to herself.


Bright green eyes watched the world whip past with child-like wonder as wind caught in the ruffle of silky fur around the neck of the girl. Sunlight glinted softly on her round, white face, and her antennae bobbed slightly as she took in the smells of the country "we've never left the city before!" The bee girl, Ren, chirped happily as the wind caught her blue sundress and fluttered it softly against her large breasts.
Tri-toned gold, white, and black hair caught the wind as well, hurled back from the window like a mane of some beast.. Selene smiled to herself as she imagined Ren's already plump one-hundred-eighty pound body fattening up, her perky rump and thick thighs becoming so soft and cushiony.
The Heiress bit her lower lip and smiled as she watched the slender waist move under the dress. This would probably be the last time Ren could wear it.

Sighing, Selene nodded with a groan and stretch, feigning like she hadn't been leering at her pet like she was a piece of meat. As the bee girl wiggled back to her seat, her wings and abdomen buzzed gently, and she smiled at her mistress.

She was going to be so beautiful fattened up...

Smiling, Selene tilted her head "I thought if anyone could use a vacation to a farm for a bit, it would be you. Cities must be so stifling..." she said.

Ren nodded and folded her slender hands in her lap - again, probably for the last time - and she smiled "the flowers out her already smell happier." She replied, looking out the window again.

The rest of the trip was in silence, almost three hours. Selene yawned as she tucked her book away, glancing at her phone as the truck rolled into the compound. "This is a big farm..." Ren cooed in awe. As the truck stopped, the driver hopped out and opened the doors, first for Selene, then for Ren, who crawled out and stretched her legs with a groan and shudder.

Sure enough, the complex was five huge buildings, lodgings, two barns of sorts, some kind of coop, and a large warehouse. Selene knew that the basement was all interconnected by a series of tunnels, and the girls were kept under the warehouse during their tenancy. And soon, Ren would be down there too, fattening up to her heart's content..

The party was met by the entrance by Doctor Freidman, who led the two into the warehouse. He was talking but Ren wasn't paying attention; too busy rubber-necking like a child. She was handed some forms, flipped through them, and then signed, then Selene signed them.
A moment later, the party was separated, and Ren was ushered into a changing room. A thin white and pink leotard lay on the bench, perfectly fitted to her measurements. The bee girl changed in silence and huffed as the collar tightened on its own around her slender neck. The zipper down the front opened slightly of its own accord, and the bumble bee rearranged her chest fluff. Nodding in satisfaction, she smiled and took her sundress, she was being allowed to keep it, she had been told.
After changing was some photos, a few initial medical assessments, all simple stuff. It didn't take long for a nurse to take Ren to her quarters where Selene waited, smiling softly.

As Ren stepped in, the door closed and the lock clicked. Momentarily surprised the bumble bee chuckled sheepishly before trying to speak "we're going to be here a while." Selene said and approached, taking Ren's dress from her and pulling it back on the girl "you like to make me happy, right?" Selene asked, gently straightening the garment.

Ren nodded and laughed "more than anything Miss Selene!" She repied.

The heiress took a step back, looked over the tall, leggy, plump-yet-slender bee, and smiled. Turning away for a second or two, Selene came back with a plate full of cinnamon rolls "very well then; for being so well behaved, and such a lovely pet, I would be very happy to see you indulge as much as you like..." Selene replied with a playful smile.
Ren tilted her head curiously as her mistress approached with a large, sticky, gooey treat in hand - a treat typically reserved for special occasions...
"Go ahead, this is the most special occasion." Selene added, almost as if reading Ren's thoughts. Slowly, she eased forward and took a bite. The taste was divine, and the texture heavenly. One bite became two, became three, became four, became a new roll.
Selene smiled as she fed her lovely pet, stroking her still slender tummy with her free hand "that's right cutie, more and more... fatter and fatter, such a good little girl." Selene cooed.

Ren didn't seem to notice, and giggled softly as she was fed. Selene's plan had been set in motion now...
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