Birthday wish

chapter 1

Michael had always been too embarrassed of his fetish to mention it to his girlfriend, Michelle, for the first two years that they had been dating. However, on his twenty-first birthday, he finally managed to work up the courage to tell her. She had surprised him with a cake that evening when he came over to her apartment, and was a little surprised to see that there were no gifts visible.
"You may be wondering where your gifts are," Michelle said with a smirk. "This year, I thought I could give you an even better present: a year's worth of the kinkiest sex that you want." Michael could feel himself stiffen a little in his pants at the idea. "We haven't really talked about some of our deeper desires, and I thought it was about time." Michelle got up from her chair, swung her leg over Michael's legs, and sat on his chair with him, straddling him. "Tell me what you want, Mikey...but tell me what you really want." Michael felt a lump rise in his throat.
"Well," he managed to say, "Anything?"
"Anything," Michelle repeated, her lusty eyes locked on his.
"If it's really anything, well, this is kind of embarrassing," he trailed off. Michelle was looking at him with anticipation, so he felt obligated to continue. "I've always fantasized about...filling out a little bit more."
"Filling out?" A grin broke across Michelle's face. "As in bulking up, or just gaining weight?"
"Gaining weight," came the honest reply.
"Well, I'm soooo glad you mentioned it," she said, running a finger seductively across his flat stomach, "You could definitely use it." Michelle got up quickly, skipped over to the cake on the counter, and straddled him once more. "Can we start with this?" Michael nodded excitedly. Michelle's eyes twinkled as she cut two pieces of cake into smaller, bite-sized pieces, picked up a first piece with her bare hand, and put it in his mouth. "How much would you like to fill out?" she asked, picking up another piece and putting it in his mouth.
"Not too much, I don't want you to be disgusted with me." He obediently took another small piece.
"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. Haven't I ever told you one of my exes was almost 300 pounds?" Michael felt a tinge of jealousy wash over him, but it quickly subsided as she fed him another small piece of cake. "Give me an honest answer, baby."
"I think 40 or 50 pounds would be a good start, but honestly, I'd ultimately like to be 300 pounds myself." Michelle's eyes widened with excitement, and her smile broadened.
"Really? Well, you should consider yourself lucky. You definitely picked the right girlfriend for this," she fed him the last piece of the bite-sized pieces she had cut up, and proceeded to cut up two more slices of the cake.

The next morning, after eating two-thirds of the cake and engaging in some rough and wild sex, Michelle woke Michael up around 8 o'clock in the morning.
"Surprise!" she declared as she walked in the room. Michael, feeling groggy, opened his eyes slightly as she sat down on the bed. She had a bed tray in her hands, and set it down on the bed beside where Michael was laying. Michael sat up, and was astonished to see a massive breakfast prepared for him: four pancakes smothered in maple syrup and icing sugar, eight little sausages, bacon, and two little mountains: one of scrambled egg, the other of home fries.
"Wow, you didn't have to do this for me!" he exclaimed. "Thanks, my love." He gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"Well, don't thank me yet. We have to get that stomach of yours stretched," she pointed at his thin frame, "That way, you won't be able to stop eating. So if you want some fun, you'll have to eat this entire meal."
Michael was on the verge of being sick when he finished, but he managed to eat everything on the plate. After some naughty fun, Michelle led him into the bathroom.
"I want to make this as official as possible. Starting today, we're going to weigh you once a week - every Sunday morning - record the results, and take pictures to document your gain." She pulled the scale out from the bathroom cupboard, and set it down in front of the mirror. Michael stripped naked and mounted the scale.
"Only 171 pounds," he said, a little disappointed.
"That's alright my love," she said soothingly, "Pretty soon that scale will be reading 272 pounds instead! Now, look in the mirror and soak in what you see." Michael stared at his reflection. He saw a 6'1 man with a slim figure. A couple of his ribs were visible underneath his skin. His face was angular, his arms were relatively small, and his legs were completely made of muscle - a result of many years of cycling. Michelle stood behind him. "Before too long, your nice, fit body will start to round out a little." She reached from behind and wrapped her arms around his middle. "Pretty soon, you'll be my big, hunky man. Now come on, let's take some pictures."

Michael felt fit to burst the entire first week. True to her word, Michelle cooked him delicious meal after delicious meal, with portion sizes that made him almost sick. To compliment her cooking, she also began baking quite a bit too: brownies, cake, cookies, pie, and other goodies were forced upon Michael, even when he wasn't hungry. Whenever he had finished one dish or snack, another was instantly put before him, so that he was always grazing.
As a result, at the end of the first week, he was feeling pretty bloated. Michelle made sure to feed him a massive breakfast Sunday morning before the weigh-in to make sure he was nice and full. Feeling optimistic about the results, they held their breath as he stepped onto the scale that morning.
"175!" he exclaimed when he read the number. "I can't believe that, that's four pounds in a week!" He patted his distended belly with pride, although it barely noticeable as such.
"That's a good start," Michelle mused, "But it's just the start. You'll probably slow down your gain a little bit over the next couple weeks, but we'll make sure you don't plateau." She smiled sweetly at him. "How does it feel?" He beamed with pride.
"I'm thankful you're so supportive of me! At this rate, I'll be 200 in no time!"
"Forget 200, you'll be almost twice your weight soon," she said, smiling at him.

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