Bite me

chapter 1

I have always been a very, well how do I say this, hefty girl with a big belly that no diets ever did much to help with. I had tried nearly every fad or trend to get me skinny but it never worked and I ended up heavier than before! I had given up completely. I resorted to baggy clothes and sweats as my only clothing.
However, one night I found this site called Weight Wanters, it was full of men who desired a woman of my size. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued at all by their interests in a chubby lady. I created an account and the messages came flying in! One in particular threw me off guard, it was a tall man named joey, he asked me about my weight, my belly, and more. At first I thought this was strange but I complied. I weighed about 185 lbs and carried my weight pretty evenly between my belly and boobs. He said he wanted to squish my belly but that he was so sad that he couldn't. But fate had a different plan. After speaking more, I realized we only lived 20 miles apart! He was so kind, he asked me on a date to a buffet, I agreed but he said I had to wear whatever he sent me on this date, not wanting to be prudish I agreed. About a week later I received a scarlet skin tight dress that clung to my every curve. I was so nervous walking into the restaurant. I gazed across the room expecting to be let down, sadly I only saw couples in there, I was about to turn around and go home to a pint of chunky monkey and wine but suddenly I felt a hand rest upon my side and I turned to face him! It was Joey, he was even more God-like in person. He was tall and sculpted, " how in the hell could someone like him like someone like me!?" I questioned in my mind!
"Hello Amy" he said with a crystal smooth voice full of confidence," want to find a table?"
" sure" I replied. He was so attractive it made me feel alive inside!
After a night of stuffing and Him encouraging me to keep eating, he never took his watchful eyes off of my mouth. He licked his lips and smiled at me when I had to stop eating because I was so stuffed!
" why don't you come home with me tonight? It looks like you can barely walk anyway" he said
" ummmm okay!" I said. I was excited but nervous. I had no idea what was about to happen but it changed my life for the better forever!
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Wisconfa 7 years
Great start. Keep the story going.