Body positive

chapter 1

You know those plus size models on Instagram? The kind that are in solid chubby/BBW territory, promote body positivity, and serve as a kind of inspiration to other women? That was Shelby.
Shelby was your current live in girlfriend of 3 years, and when you met her, you didn’t know she was pseudo famous on the internet, despite her having 500K followers on most of her social media accounts. She had a few deals with Torrid, and had appeared in some ads for larger women. She was a BBW when you met her, albeit on the smaller side at 250 pounds and 5’4. Pale skin pockmarked with freckles and orange hair bought you in to her like a moth to a flame, and to this day you honestly have no idea how you managed to get her attention. She was an hourglass, with large D cup breasts and a juicy, round ass you couldn’t keep your eyes off of. A small belly with the slightest overhang was the cherry on top, and you were in love from the start.
She was a huge advocate for “health at any size,” even though you, a somewhat educated feeder, knew this was bullshit. Still, she kept her weight the same for the first year of your relationship, eating just enough junk to keep her body but not enough healthy stuff to lose it. She also worked out semi regularly, but nothing too crazy beyond light cardio and some squats.
All in all, you were pretty happy with it.
The next few years did have some changes, however.

“Hurry up and tell me what the scale says, I’m getting tired.” Shelby panted out to you, her pale face getting red from the exertion of standing up for so long. Her legs were already shaking. “Aw,” you say, “are you getting tired? You’ve only been standing for 5 minutes, and you look like you just ran a marathon.” You take note of the numbers on the scale, before moving behind her almost naked body. You aggressive grab her belly from behind, feeling it’s softness squeeze through your fingers. She feels your tongue lick her earlobe, before biting it and whispering heavily into her ear.
“588 pounds, you fat pig. I’m going to fuck you until you’re cross eyed.” She moaned at this, feeling your erection press into her enormous ass crack. “I love seeing you out of breath, baby. Nothing makes me harder than seeing my little pig struggle with her weight.”

Yup, in three years, you turned a vibrant, relatively fit plus size model into an almost 600 pound food addict. Lots of love, plenty of fattening food, and great sex sure can go a long way.

She is covered in stretch marks, evidence of your “no mercy” methods of feeding. Her once very round ass is gargantuan these days, causing her to go through doors sideways if she doesn’t want to brush the sides. Her belly is now several bellies, hanging well over her pubic region, resting on her thighs. Maybe one day it can get to her knees. Her breasts are an unknown size, but they hang low and to her sides. You love abusing her nipples during sex. Her arms are akin to giant pillows, and seeing them shake violently when she’s pleasuring herself or you drives you wild.

Grabbing her hand and leading her to the bedroom, you think ahead to the next milestone of 600 pounds, already so close.
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